An Alien in Sweden

From London to Stockholm, via Norrköping

Continuing the journey in Sweden

Hard to believe that I have been in Sweden this long. It only seems like yesterday that I was thinking of the big move from the UK to a new country.

So much has changed since I arrived. I had neither knowledge of the culture, the people nor the history of Sweden. In fact, I would go as far to say that my level of Swedish knowledge was that of a tourist. Yet no matter what the reason that took me here, one thing has remained, and that is my love of Sweden.

Of course, there have been many challenges along the way. Understanding a social democracy, learning a new language, surviving without the company of family and friends. Yet as, I look in the mirror today, almost two years on I realise that I want to make Sweden my home for as long as I can.

The reason I moved here was love, and that relationship ended, so I found myself with two options. I could stay and continue my journey in the country that I fell in love with, or I could have simply pack everything up again and board a plane home. Moving from London to Norrköping was never going to be easy. I left behind family and friends, and though trips back home gave a taste of what I had, it was always keen to return to Sweden.

Making friends here has been the hardest thing I have done, but I am lucky to count many of my closest friends as coming from Sweden. Yes it is different to the UK in many ways, but these friends, I know will be friends for life.

As I approach 2013, my future is never certain. I think my time in Norrköping is coming to an end. It’s been a fun and exciting, often challenging journey and one that I know will be part of me forever. But I feel it’s time to move on.

If that means moving to a new city if it means just moving to Linköping I need a new start here, a new place, a new beginning.

Sweden is my home, for how long only time and fate will tell. But throughout all my adventures here, the ups and downs. One thing has remained true. Here I truly feel at home.

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2 responses to “Continuing the journey in Sweden”

  1. Jro says:

    Good Luck, whatever you decide.

    WV is prosperity! Sounds like a good omen for you.

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  2. Hi you! I’ve been following your blog for quite sometime now, thought it might be time to write a comment :)
    I just love your lyrics, the reflections, comparrasing and so forth!

    When I first found your blog, I had just moved to England, Bournemouth without knowing anyone or having a proper ground to set my feet at. I just packed my bags and moved there to try and improve my skills as a hairstylist, improve my english.. but most of all it was a personal experience, I wanted to grow as a person and cut the umbilical cord I had to my hometown.

    And, finding this blog, with all your reversed cultural thought. It was.. mindblowingly interesting at the time!

    Anyhow, at this moment I live in Helsingborg, in a flatshare with 3 other roomies. I’m studying at Lunds university to become a social worker, I write alot in my freetime.. and I like to have a proper guinness with my friends every once in a while!

    Basically, what I want to say is that if you ever travel down further south in sweden, you would be welcome to come and stay at our place. We all enjoy international people that comes visiting, but foremost I would really enjoy having a chat with you. I think it could be quite interesting for both of us, with our seperate but alike experiences.

    (I know this whole comment might seem wierd, so to not scare you off to think I’m a psycho, I posted my whole name and my blog so that you could look me up if you feel doubtful!)

    Hope you’ve had a nice and peaceful holiday, take care!
    Xx Maddy

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