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New Year – New Start

This break back home has been the longest I have had since I moved to Sweden. It seems like forever that I was back in Norrköping. But as with all New Year’s it gives you time to think about what you want to do in life.

The past year I have not actually done much in Sweden. Following the first year of seeing most of the country I spent 2012 just in Norrköping mainly working. But since I have been in the UK I have found myself missing things from Sweden. The food, the local bar and mainly the countryside.

Speaking to some Swedish friends I realise that I need to go out much more and see more places. One of the beautiful things about Sweden is that the trains are cheap and far more reliable than the UK, so there truly is no need to have an excuse. Of course, the weather can be a pain at times, but it’s a country that is a must see all year round.

2013 will be a year of change for me. Most of the past will be left behind, and a new future will begin. One thing I can say is that I have been somewhat lazy last year when meeting new friends in Sweden. That changes now!

Happy New Year to you all and make it a good one.

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4 responses to “New Year – New Start”

  1. So are you back in Norrköping now?

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  2. Dean says:

    Here in London for a week then back to Norrköping.

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  3. Vad kul! Så, pratar du svenska nu?

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  4. Anne says:

    I have been following your blog for some time from the perspective of a mother whose sons are following their own paths and as an individual with Swedish roots. Reading your posts reminds me of a quote that I would attribute to you.

    “Those who preserve their integrity remain unshaken by the storms of daily life. They do not stir like leaves on a tree or follow the herd where it runs. In their mind remains the ideal attitude and conduct of living. This is not something given to them by others. It is their roots…it is a strength that exists deep with them.”
    Anonymous Native American

    I sense that you have that strength. Best wishes as you work your way through this time of transition.

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