An Alien in Sweden

From London to Stockholm, via Norrköping

Worrying time for those in Sweden paid in Pounds?

One thing that has remained constant in my Swedish journey has been the economy. In the many times that I have traveled, I have often had to use currency exchange apps to make sure I am getting a good deal. But here is Sweden it’s always been fairly easy, roughly one pound is 10 Kroner. So to make the price in pounds just remove the last digit.

In the past few trips to the UK, I have noticed that the exchange rate had dropped to around 9.7 Kroner to the pound. Yet it was my last trip that got me worried. When I went to exchange what Kroner I had I was stunned to see the exchange rate at the airport was 8.9. No longer could I use the 10 Kroner to the pound method.

I looked up the Exchange rate on XE Exchange, and this is the value of the Pound against the Kroner since 2009.

Peaking at 13 in Aug 2009 to a low of 9.4 in January 2013. Currently it’s rising back to the 10 mark which is a relief, but I will admit it is a bit of a worry when you are getting paid in Pounds.

I wonder what the reason is, both countries are in the EU yet retain their own currency. Is the global recession hitting the UK more than we thought? Or has the Kroner simply gained strength? Either way it’s a concern I will keep my eye on.

I may have to use an exchange app soon!

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