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PSA is on the move…..

May 7th, 2011 by Choudhary Shahid

Teams work better – when they work together.” (Alice Vernon)……………
PSA (Stockholm) has started its journey from 2007 and progressing extremely well since then. Kudos to previous three working boards who has performed an excellent work to build PSA, a unique representative of Pakistani Students living in Stockholm.

It’s really difficult to praise just by few words, how the past working boards and members done their part. So one must pay a high gratitude for them which they deserved one for all. Being a student and finding out a time from a hectic schedule and investing it in PSA never can get ignored.

As a non-profit & non-political organization, everyone who has been attached to it worked really well and proved it to be a successful organization on its way.

Having said that…..there is and will be no ends for such organization. So what’s next……..

All of you (interested) might have noticed that how PSA has developed in last 4 years. This time there are 4 candidate panels standing for an upcoming election (14th May) for a future working board. It shows the growth and trust level of PSA which has been built on students by time to time.

It would be really exciting to see the election campaigns of all those involved on different forums. We appreciate all students to go through the short description of all 4 panels before you cast your vote and choose most suitable working board for upcoming year since each panel is attached to PSA by different means.

Note: The one who are not a member yet please get registered now and feel being a part of PSA in selecting the right panel. Each voter should take up the responsibility to cast your vote for the “most” talented panel.

As discussed above, there are 4 candidates panel standing for an election out of which one most “appropriate” panel will be elected. Which means the winner should focus on strength and further development of PSA.

Last but not the least those who do not get a chance to win this election, do not demoralize rather provide full moral support to the elected working panel, one must has to win and rest has to lose.

Remember…..”Teams work better – when they work together”. (Alice Vernon)

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Orientation and Eid-Milan 2010

October 8th, 2010 by Choudhary Shahid
PSA Stockholm organized an evening in the honor of new students of 2010. Historically PSA Stockholm has organized Orientation for new students and Eid milan party for PSA members  every year. Due to being busy in curricular and extra-curricular activities PSA Stockholm working board decided to have one combined gathering instead of having two. Event was decided to be held on Monday 4th of October in Allhuset (Stockholm University). For this event of three hours duration starting at 1800HRS, invitations were sent out to PSA Stockholm members, new students and local community members.  It was highly impressive as they showed up in a good number.
Syed Zulfiqar Shah, student of applied physics recited few verses from Holy Quran to start the event formally.  Since the main theme behind that gathering was to introduce new students with PSA Stockholm and provide them maximum available information that can be helpful for them in their educational matters, living in Stockholm etc and some general information about Sweden. Miss Asifa Iqbal, a local representative of PSA-STHLM gave introduction to PSA-STHLM. Sharique Javaid, finance secretary of PSA Stockholm held an information session for new students in which he gave important information about education, accommodation, travelling, general living and Swedish norms as well.  Also this was first time in the history of PSA-STHLM  that a segment to pay tribute to pioneers of PSA was included and this was highly appreciated by audience. Local community representatives Ch Rehmat, Abdus Slam and Arif Kisana presented those honorary shields to Mr. Muhammad Faizan-ul-haq (on behalf of Ozair Kafray-ex President), Ch Shahid Nawaz (on behalof of Farooq Ahmed Ch -ex General Secretary) and Murtaza Sabir (ex-Fiinance Secretary). Special honorary shield was given to Mr. Tahir Naseer Qureshi for his devoted contribution to PSA Stockholm since from the beginning. President PSA Stockholm Mr. Shoail Safdar welcomed all new students and community members on behalf of PSA. In his introductory comments, he shed some light on different activities of PSA Stockholm. He also encouraged new students to become member of PSA as soon as possible.
To keep the audience alive, Mr. Saud Saleem and Mr. Muhammad Farooq were at their best while serving as anchors throughout the evening with their delightful conversations. Audience got pleasently surprized when anchors called for five volunteers for a singing contest. All five volunteers performed very well but Tabish was given most of the votes by audience. Awesome signing and act playing was displayed by Mr. Ali Azhar Butt, Rajab Ali and Afzal Farooqi.
Food….?? Off course a gathering like this can’t be completed without a delicious traditional food. Chicken Korma with salad was served complimentary to all attendees. There was no official sponsor for that gathering so working board, members and volunteers managed it by their own.
Indeed it was one of the memorable evenings organized by PSA Stockholm. Well done and keep the good work up.
Looking forward for more entertainment

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Devastating Floods in Pakistan and role of PSA Stockholm

September 28th, 2010 by Choudhary Shahid

Since the beginning of the world’s worst disaster ever (Floods in Pakistan), people from all over the world has been helping to these flood victims through registered organizations or on individual basis. When it comes to natural disaster, there are no borders and ethnicities and people try to help those victims at their best.

PSA (Pakistan Student Association, Stockholm) have been adding its contribution through different means. Members of PSA Stockholm has collected a handsome amount and sent to Pakistan already. Latest figures show that around 32,000 SEK has been sent directly to the flood victims. Every single member of PSA Stockholm has contributed to his best in this noble cause. Working board had held number of meetings with members and volunteers to identify different means of reaching flood victims. It’s hard to list everyone’s (members and volunteers) name here who put 100% effort to this charity work but Mr. Malik Wahaj (PSA Stockholm‘s Coordinator at KTH -Kista IT Campus ) , Mr Saud Saleem (PSA Stockholm’s Coordinator at KTH-Main Campus),  Mr. Ch Naveed Asghar (PSA Stockholm’s Coordinator at KTH-Sodertalje Campus ), Mr. Farooq (PSA Stockholm’s General Secretary) and Miss Asifa Iqbal (member PSA Stockholm’s Student and Public Relation committee). These guys have been always one step ahead of others and have been part of volunteer work with RedCross Sweden. PSA Stockholm’s finance secretary Mr, Shaqique Javaid has visited the flood affected areas personally to identify the basic needs of those victims in first cycle.

Still it’s an ongoing charity contribution from all of us which will continue till the last victim of flood has been reached and I hope PSA Stockholm will continue to play his role in this noble cause too.

You can add your contribution to following:

Account details (Nordea)
Title: Sharique Javaid (Finance Secretary PSA Stockholm)
Account # 3256 22 78283

Note: And don’t forget to send an email at after adding your contribution.

Well done PSA Stockholm. Keep the good work up.

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Origin of PSA Stockholm

August 2nd, 2010 by Choudhary Shahid

In this blog post, I’ll try give you an overview of the origin of PSA Stockholm and what were the main reasons to have PSA around you in Stockholm. I think most of you have already heard about PSA through different means like, cultural show, reception of students or by sports event(s) etc.

Let me take you back to 2005 since PSA took its motivation from that year. I came to Sweden, during August 2005 without knowing anyone here before. Luckily I got in touch with some of my batch mates already in Pakistan and planned my journey for Sweden. After stepping in to Swedish soil, we never expected any reception from anyone since none of us have any contact in Sweden. Our study period was started and surprisingly we were invited by some of our senior Pakistani students for an orientation session (keep in mind that no concept of PSA yet discovered). It was a very helping session indeed in which we received almost basics of student life in Sweden. Time passed so quickly and we become the seniors next year for new comers in 2006. Most of the students tried to help new comers on individual’s basis and some of them arranged an orientation session once again. Even some students went to Airport & Central station to guide new comers to their very first day in Sweden.

Should we reinvent the wheel every year“, that was the question which came into mind of some senior students of 2005 batch. They started brain storming sessions and tried to plan a strategy for helping new students next year through a platform rather than doing individually. It’s hard to name everyone who has been involved in the foundation of PSA Stockholm but Ozair Nazir Kafray. Based on all those brain storming sessions, Ozair, with his team made a conclusion to stop reinventing the wheel and try to work in managed way through a platform. The team started by talking to all the stake holders that is Pakistani Embassy in Stockholm, International Student Advisor at KTH, the Pakistani students in Stockholm and PSA Sweden.

At last in 2007 PSA Stockholm was founded and Ozair was appointed as 1st President of PSA Stockholm until the first election of PSA along with Farooq Ahmad as General Secretary and Murtaza Sabir as Finance Secretary. In that short time, working board had managed to write its constitution which has been approved by Student Union in Stockholm University earlier this year.  As per constitution working board is actually a group of three elected members as President, General Secretary and Finance Secretary.

PSA Stockholm aims to play a dual role. Firstly, that of facilitating current and prospective Pakistani students by organizing practical information and creating awareness about the Swedish culture in contrast to social and cultural norms in Pakistan. Secondly, we aim to raise awareness about the culture and identity of Pakistan amongst the diverse student community of Stockholm by arranging Pakistani cultural festivals and information dissemination through our website and seminars.

First elected working board of PSA Stockholm (Shujahat Samandar as president, Junaid Tarar as General Secretary and Sammar Abbas as Finance Secretary) took charge from the pioneers in October 2009. Newly elected board played an outstanding role to make PSA a successful association. Apart from other contributions, working board managed to register PSA Stockholm in Södertörns Högskola and Stockholm university student unions. Last but not least they had arranged a successful event, “Pakistan cultural Festival” in KTH main campus which was 1st ever event of that kind.

Second election of PSA Stockholm was held in April 2010. Sohail Safdar as President, Muhammad Farooq as General Secretary and Sharique Javaid as Finance Secretary of PSA Stockholm. Active working board has done some changes in organizational structure to achieve their goals for their tenure. Active working board has been doing tremendously well and arranged 1st ever inter-university cricket tournament which was one of their best events since they took charge earlier this year.

As previous years, PSA Stockholm has been doing some proactive measures to facilitate the new students to Sweden. I hope members of PSA Stockholm will come forward once again to make all necessary arrangement.

Good luck PSA.

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1st Inter-University Cricket Tournament

July 23rd, 2010 by Choudhary Shahid

Being a member of PSA Stockholm, I have honored to write the 1st blog post. In this blog I’ve tried to summarize the highlights of 1st ever Inter-University Cricket Tournament held at Husby Gård, Stockholm, last weekend (17-18 July). You might be wondering what PSA actually is? Well PSA (Pakistan Student Association) is a registered association with Stockholm University and KTH student(s) union, actually representing Pakistani Student(s) in Stockholm.
PSA Stockholm aims to play a dual role. Firstly, that of facilitating current and prospective Pakistani students by organizing practical information and creating awareness about the Swedish culture in contrast to social and cultural norms in Pakistan. Secondly, we aim to raise awareness about the culture and identity of Pakistan amongst the diverse student community of Stockholm by arranging Pakistani cultural festivals and information dissemination through our website and seminars.
Last weekend (17-18 July) PSA had held its 1st ever inter-university cricket tournament at Husby Gård. There were 9 teams in total representing different universities (Stockholm, KTH and Halmstad). Tournament was started on Saturday at 09:00 with first pool match between SU Tigers and KTH Jagaur. All teams were given colored t-shirts with PSA logo on it. Each teams consisted of 8 players. PSA Stockholm had been planning for this activity for one month to make it a successful event and no doubt they had achieved what they wanted to. Head of PSA sports & event committee Mr. Mazhar Mirani took initiative with his team members with full support of PSA working board and advisory board to plan a successful event. Special Pakistani food (Chicken Qorma) was served during two days to all participants. Ground was full of crowd and players during both days. On Sunday morning tournament was resumed with super sixes 1st match.  People enjoyed two whole days under outstanding weather conditions. Super sixes matches led to semi finals. Final match between SU Tigers and KTH Sardar was a real crunch game.  KTH Sardar set a total of 75 runs on board in 7 overs. Since from the word go SU Tigers had been the hot favorite for that tournament but unfortunately SU Tigers could reach the victory stand by the margin of only 2 runs. Well played to KTH Sardar and better luck to SU Tigers for next time.  During semi finals and final, our commentators (Mr. Saud Saleem and Mr. Muhammad Farooq) provided a lively commentary to the audience. The Western Union was official sponsor to PSA for this event. Final ceremony was held at the end of final match in which officials of PSA Stockholm had given prizes to man of the match, runners up trophy and the Winners cup. Indeed it was a successful tournament for PSA and an entertaining event for its participants.

I hope PSA Stockholm will continue arranging such events in future in order to bridging gap between Pakistani and Swedish communities. Some of pictures taken during the event are available here.

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