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Orientation and Eid-Milan 2010

Friday, October 8th, 2010
PSA Stockholm organized an evening in the honor of new students of 2010. Historically PSA Stockholm has organized Orientation for new students and Eid milan party for PSA members  every year. Due to being busy in curricular and extra-curricular activities PSA Stockholm working board decided to have one combined gathering instead of having two. Event was decided to be held on Monday 4th of October in Allhuset (Stockholm University). For this event of three hours duration starting at 1800HRS, invitations were sent out to PSA Stockholm members, new students and local community members.  It was highly impressive as they showed up in a good number.
Syed Zulfiqar Shah, student of applied physics recited few verses from Holy Quran to start the event formally.  Since the main theme behind that gathering was to introduce new students with PSA Stockholm and provide them maximum available information that can be helpful for them in their educational matters, living in Stockholm etc and some general information about Sweden. Miss Asifa Iqbal, a local representative of PSA-STHLM gave introduction to PSA-STHLM. Sharique Javaid, finance secretary of PSA Stockholm held an information session for new students in which he gave important information about education, accommodation, travelling, general living and Swedish norms as well.  Also this was first time in the history of PSA-STHLM  that a segment to pay tribute to pioneers of PSA was included and this was highly appreciated by audience. Local community representatives Ch Rehmat, Abdus Slam and Arif Kisana presented those honorary shields to Mr. Muhammad Faizan-ul-haq (on behalf of Ozair Kafray-ex President), Ch Shahid Nawaz (on behalof of Farooq Ahmed Ch -ex General Secretary) and Murtaza Sabir (ex-Fiinance Secretary). Special honorary shield was given to Mr. Tahir Naseer Qureshi for his devoted contribution to PSA Stockholm since from the beginning. President PSA Stockholm Mr. Shoail Safdar welcomed all new students and community members on behalf of PSA. In his introductory comments, he shed some light on different activities of PSA Stockholm. He also encouraged new students to become member of PSA as soon as possible.
To keep the audience alive, Mr. Saud Saleem and Mr. Muhammad Farooq were at their best while serving as anchors throughout the evening with their delightful conversations. Audience got pleasently surprized when anchors called for five volunteers for a singing contest. All five volunteers performed very well but Tabish was given most of the votes by audience. Awesome signing and act playing was displayed by Mr. Ali Azhar Butt, Rajab Ali and Afzal Farooqi.
Food….?? Off course a gathering like this can’t be completed without a delicious traditional food. Chicken Korma with salad was served complimentary to all attendees. There was no official sponsor for that gathering so working board, members and volunteers managed it by their own.
Indeed it was one of the memorable evenings organized by PSA Stockholm. Well done and keep the good work up.
Looking forward for more entertainment

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