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Reflections on the Royal Wedding

The Crown Princess Couple. Photo: Erik Holmquist

Saturday was truly a magical day in Stockholm. There was a fantastic atmosphere in the capital when Crown Princess Victoria finally got to say “I do” to Prince Daniel. The Royal Wedding took months of planning and preparation, involving hundreds of people, and it was truly a success.

The question many wondered was what the Crown Princess would be wearing. Fashion experts have hailed Pär Engsheden’s creation as elegant and stylish. The ceremony itself was a mix of tradition and personal touches, and the banquet that followed was a feast compiled of many Scandinavian delicacies. Media in Sweden are also hailing the very personal speech given in both English and Swedish by the groom, Prince Daniel, at the wedding banquet.

The Royal Court has compiled all the details from yesterday’s festivities on their home page. Here are a few highlights:

The Bride
The Royal Family’s Attire
The Menu
The Wedding Cake

The Grand Hotel. Photo: Erik Holmquist

The Royal Wedding has also been an opportunity for Sweden, and the city of Stockholm, to show off. Many foreign journalists were in Stockholm to cover the wedding, also taking  the time to report on different aspects of Sweden and its capital city. Love Stockholm was an engaging festival that offered tourists and Stockholmers alike two weeks of entertainment. Swedish businesses also took the opportunity to show off the best of Swedish design and innovation. IKEA put up a huge tent in central Stockholm made to look like Haga Palace, the Crown Princess Couple’s home. Inside the large tent different rooms were created to inspire visitors. Stockholm’s Arlanda airport also built a “terminal” close to the Palace, helping to promote Sweden as a tourist destination. At the Love Stockholm Media Center several of the sponsors showed off their latest technology, such as Telia’s new 4G system and Ericsson with their connected tree that tweets the mood of those who touch it.

The Royal Wedding was truly an historical event and the climax of months of media focus. Today newspapers are filled with special sections devoted to the event, and internet sites and television stations are rounding up all the facts, details and highlights from June 19. The Royal Wedding is now over and media focus will shift to another very important event happening in Sweden this year – the general election in September.

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