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Long time listener, first time caller

I am having a crisis of conscience as I am toying with the idea of sending my first tweet.

I have dozens of followers on Twitter but I have never actually use the service, that is, I have never “tweeted.”

I’ll be honest. I don’t understand Twitter.

I have asked a lot of Twitter devotees, “What IS Twitter? Isn’t it just the status updates from Facebook without the rest of Facebook?”

Nearly two years ago, I deleted my Facebook profile. (See Block this Application, May 2010)

I have never missed it, never looked back and never regretted it. Despite almost-daily pressure to rejoin from friends and co-workers, I just don’t feel like I’m missing anything.

It’s weird when people react to me like not being on Facebook is the equivalent of not having an email address or telephone. It’s not like that at all.

So it seems that Twitter is a way for people to publicize their conversations, as long as they keep it short.

One guy I work with said he doesn’t use twitter that much because “it’s just a bunch of people telling you what to do.”

I’ve also been told that the service Twitter provides is called microblogging. So it’s like broadcasting your Post-It notes

“Micro” is a good way to describe my level of interest in it.

Nonetheless, I’m curious about it and the door is not completely closed.

So here’s the deal.

If I get 500 followers on Twitter, I’ll start using it. Tweet the word out. Tell your friends to add @scottritcher as soon as they can. The race to 500 is on!

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7 responses to “Long time listener, first time caller”

  1. Monica-USA :o) says:

    I don’t use Facebook or Twitter both seem like a waste of time. Besides I enjoy my privacy it is the last thing I still own free and clean and the Government has to keep their noses out it.

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  2. Laura Andrea Alfaro García says:

    I have Twitter, but I have never twitted anything. Actually, I really don’t get it too. as you say, is like the facebook status, but without the other parts of facebook. Besides, and just like facebook, is a lot of people posting stupid things. Sometimes is useful to know something about someone you really care, but the 99.9% of the time is a waste of time. So, if you don’t feel like having a twitter, don’t.
    I actually hate the fact that I cannot erase the twitter app from my phone. They simply blocked it from erasing! Why can’t I erase an app I don’t use or like?

    So yep, as long as you want to stay out of it, do it. I support you

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  3. Twit says:

    Ok, you’re not a twit, but how can you expect anyone (let alone 500 people) to follow you when you don’t offer anything in return? Just a vague promise that you’ll start to ‘tweet’ afterwards…

    Why not say that you will tweet once for every ten new followers?

    Why not actively use it as a two way street and see where it takes you?

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  4. Hardy Ribb says:

    They should rename Twitter with Loser. It will describe those who use it much better.

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  5. Josh says:

    Nevertheless you can not deny the importance of sending messages to a large amount of people, it is just as Twit says, why would you want 500 followers and you will do nothing with them? of course, tweeting famous sentences, or historical facts or just jokes will not fulfill the the most useful way to do it, but speaking particularly about the things that happened in the middle east, twitter was one of the way to let the crowd know what were the options, to let themselves to be heard (or read in this case). So imagine yourself having 500 followers, people that will know what you will think, do or say- as long as you tweet it- so you could turn 500 people by your side, against you, or just let them know about your boring life (despite of all the possible surveillance when tweeting what you should not, got it?).

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  6. Milla Lindman says:

    The point of Twitter is to provide value to your followers.

    After consistently providing value you gain trust which you can then monetize if you so wish to do.

    Personally, I make 6000 euros a month by doing just this. Do I understand Twitter in some academic level? Nope. Do I enjoy my 6000 euros a month. Immensely.

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  7. i remember my first time using twitter… I’m so ignorant… :) but now, i always used tweets, follow tweets… and other for myself fulfillment

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