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Latest match report from Långholmen FC

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009



Three goal hero Chris Allen in action

Three goal hero Chris Allen in action

photo courtesy of Pär Hägglund

When it comes to naming man of the match this one was a very tough decision, it was a fantastic team performance by the home side that made choosing very difficult for the Långholmen Ultras on the sidelines. Anton Björlund Bergström produced an outstanding performance at left back, showing just how adabtable he is, Edwin Bergquist produced a couple of world class saves and Chris Allen once again showed his scoring prowess with a superb hat trick. At the end of the day however it is a strong team performance that gets a dedicated group of players through the season and everyone should take the plaudits today and that includes management.

The away team came into this encounter on the back of a great weekend win against Ängby and were full of confidence and it showed in the first fifteen minutes , they continually harassed Långholmen with a no nonsense physical approach and had captain Zegal Habton been a bit more precise in front of goal this match could of taken a whole different complexion in the first twenty minutes. Bergquist in goal was equal to everything the opposing team could through at him and can hold his head up high.

Chris Allen, the clubs leading scorer so far this season, bagged a fantastic trio of goals in what was an impeccable display of atacking football. The first on 18 minutes was a rebound effort after a great pass from Kenny, the keeper did well initially but the nippy wide man was there again to pounce on the return ball and it was one nil.

The away team changed there keeper due to injury on the 36 minute mark when their regular first choice was injured after a challlenge with Andy O’Sullivan.

They kept on trying to break down the Stripes but a combination of poor finishing and great goalkeeping ensured they left Essinge Ip empty handed.

Olympiacos made it a physical encounter in the second half and put in some hefty challenges that went unpunished by the referee. The home team stuck to there task and added two more goals to their tally. Colm Kenny once again showing great vision and playing in Allen who had the simplest of tasks in knocking the ball home on 75 minutes and the very same combination two minutes later to make it three nil. The game was tainted by a double sending off in the closing stages when Andy McClelland was carded and then followed by Olympiacos captain Habton, who incensed the home support with obscene gestures before leaving the field of play.

Another thorough and professional performance by Långholmen that quite rightly sees them top of the league momentarily. The second half of the season will provide even bigger challenges for the Stripes, Olympiacos will climb the table and no doubt finish near the top, but to earn that you have to beat the teams above you.

onsdag 24 / 6 2009
Långholmen 11 9 0 2 30 13 17 27
Marieberg 12 8 2 2 35 12 23 26
Ängby 11 7 0 4 32 16 16 21
Ekerö 12 6 3 3 25 18 7 21
Reymersholm 11 6 0 5 26 21 5 18
Skå 11 5 2 4 19 17 2 17
Boo FF 11 4 3 4 20 21 -1 15
Järla 11 5 0 6 20 34 -14 15
FCK/LS 11 4 2 5 24 22 2 14
Olympiacos 11 4 2 5 19 23 -4 14
Stuvsta 12 2 1 9 23 37 -14 7
Bromsten 12 0 1 11 13 52 -39 1

Report by Scot James

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Långholmen result Sat 13th June

Monday, June 15th, 2009

SKÅ IF (0) 0


Andy O'Sullivan celbrates his wonder strike (photo courtesy of per Hägglund)

Andy O'Sullivan celebrates his wonder strike (photo courtesy of per Hägglund)

This was not an ideal day for football and the pitch was definitely not an ideal surface. Svanängens Ip must surely be one of the worst in Sweden as far as grass is concerned. This of course made for some unattractive football at times and the constant rain did not help matters.

The home team have had some large crowds for some matches but there fans were non existant for this one in fact 29 of the 36 crowd were a very vocal Långholmen support. It has been said before, but there non stop encouragement really gives the team a lift and today was no exception.

Chances were few and far between in a tough first half as both sides tried to claim midfield dominance. Andy McClelland found himself with a chance in front of goal but he blasted his effort high. The player from Northern Ireland is having a great season and had that effort gone in it would of been just reward for his endeavours. Skå themselves tried to play a bit of football but as usual Ciaran McCormack at the back let nothing past him. Långholmens first choice keeper Edwin Bergqvist was forced to make a great athletic stop on 32 minutes when he managed to get a hand to a ferocious snap shot. Chris Allen had the best chance of the half when he picked up a pass from O’Sullivan but he shot weakly into the hands Emil Fnine in goal.

It was four elements of Långholmens play that carried them through this game belief, teamwork, quality and determination. The management team changed the system for the start of the second half and it payed dividends directly. Andy O’Sullivan played a fine ball to Chris Allen and the winger didn’t waste his chance as he stroked the ball home into the bottom corner of the net. Allen is out in front of the goal scoring charts for the Stripes and on this form is looking to score fifteen or more goals in the league this season. The home team tried to patch some sort of attacking formation together but the Stripes defence were having none of it and didn’t let them near Edwin Bergquist. His opposite number Fnine will want to forget his poor clearance that led to Andy O’Sullivans brilliant goal on 81 minutes. He raced out to clear a ball that had slowed down in a patch of mud, his weak effort only going as far as the industrious striker and from 35 yards out he saw the keeper on the edge of his box and floated the ball high over him and it into the net, it seemed to take an age to hit the net and when it did it sent the Stripes Ultras into raptures. The hometeam were reduced to ten men when Peter Fogelklou was red carded with five minutes remaining.

The home team will now have to pick themselves up for the last fixture before the break. Långholmen now look forward to a home game against a tricky Olympiacos side.

måndag 15 / 6 2009
Marieberg 10 8 1 1 33 9 24 25
Långholmen 10 8 0 2 27 13 14 24
Ängby 10 7 0 3 30 13 17 21
Ekerö 10 5 2 3 22 16 6 17
Reymersholm 10 5 0 5 23 19 4 15
Boo FF 10 4 3 3 18 17 1 15
Järla 10 5 0 5 18 30 -12 15
Skå 10 4 2 4 15 15 0 14
Olympiacos 10 4 2 4 19 20 -1 14
FCK/LS 10 3 2 5 20 20 0 11
Stuvsta 10 0 1 9 10 32 -22 1
Bromsten 10 0 1 9 8 39 -31 1

Next match is at home against Olympiacos Wednesday 17th June.

Report by Scot James, photo Per Hägglund

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View from the Terraces

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Well another fantastic win for the men in the black and white stripes. The train keeps on rolling and the next stop is an away game to a much improved Skå team. Boo were our visitors for a Friday night fixture and not only was the game highly entertaining on the pitch but also off it. The fans were in great voice and the humour was second to none, the best thing is it’s all free. The local pub on Essinge was the first port of call to moisten up those dry throats and get us in the mood.

A lower crowd than of previous weeks was present, but in fairness it was a bitter cold night and there was always the threat of a downpour and with no covered terracing Essinge Ip is not the jolliest of places to get soaked.

It didn’t rain from the heavens thank god, but it did rain goals and this time we had seven in total.

This weekend it’s a Saturday match into the wilderness and Ekerö, the options of travel for this one is bus or boat, yes boat, we are hoping for our usual noisy contingent with us.

Team news is that Paul Sullivan makes a welcome return to the bench, but goal machine Colm Kenny is out due to suspension. Skå will be hoping for a full strength team and will be looking for top scorer Johan Eriksson to be in top form.

The game starts at 2pm at Svanängens Ip.

Details at

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Player Profile No.6

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

photo courtesy of Per Hägglund

Stuart Lascelles

Age – 28 (I know I look younger)

Position – Defender (Player/Manager)

You have been at the club a few seasons now Stuart, what are the main differences you see now compared to back then?  – Apart from the better standard of players/opposition I would say that the whole structure of the football club has moved forward at a very quick pace.  I won’t go into all the details but would like to say LFC is lucky to have all its committee members

Who has been the most influential person during your footballing career ? – Paul Norris,  one of may managers from back in England.

Goals must come few and far between for you Stuart, do you have any that stick out in your mind? None of the goals for LFC stick out but 10 years ago I scored my one and only hat-trick so any of them!

Which football stadium in the world would you most like to play at and why ? Easy – Upton Park – for obvious reasons.

Tell us how you normally prepare yourself on match days ? – Cup of tea, bowl of weetabix and kiss from Erica. :)

Do you have any superstitious rituals before matches, like standing on one leg while singing the Macarena as an example ? – Might try that one!, no not really…..when I played back home I was the ‘wind up’ man on the team so basically every game I was making sure someone got stitched up!  I’ve grown up since :)

List four people dead or alive that you would like to have a cold beer with and what would you talk about ? Genghis Khan, Alexander the great, Bobby Moore, and John Lyall…..I love history and football so those would be the topics.

Where do you see the club in five years time Stuart?
– My opinion is that the club will to continue to grow quickly, who knows where that will take us but I look forward to being a part of it.

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Match report from 090605

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Långholmen seal points with high five

Långholmen come close against Boo.


Colm Kenny 13,80 mins,Chris Allen 14,53 mins, Pete McConnell 16 mins

BOO FF (2) 2

Any fans who decided to visit the toilet or purchase a hot dog on the thirteen minute mark would of been amazed to have found that they had missed four goals when they returned to the action in this Friday night clash.

The pick of the bunch has to be Colm Kenny’s exquisite finish for the opening goal, Kenny showed a great first touch and sprinted in on goal, he spotted David Edgren well off his line and curled the ball high into the keepers right hand stantion. A finish that is definitely a contender for goal of the season. The home fans were just putting the finishing touches to their familiar celebration chant when it was time for number two, this time Chris Allen netting from close in. It was fast stuff at Essinge and it seemed that the game was reaching handball pace when Boo reduced the scoreline thirty seconds later when Lamin Sonko pressed the ball home at the back post.

This game deserved a much bigger crowd than the fifty or so that made it out to the rock on such a cold evening.

Pete McConnell managed to get himself on the scoresheet when he volleyed in a fine ball from Oscar Hentmark, Edgren in goal must of been very disappointed when he fumbled the ball to let the home team go two goals in the lead again.

Långholmen are wonderful to watch when they play exciting attacking football and show no respect for their opponents, the downside to this is that they sometimes forget to block the passageway into goal and on 25 mins a second goal for Sonko, who scored from a very acute angle to make it 3-2.

At the start of the match there were a few shocks when the home team announced their starting line up, Ciaran McCormack and Anton Björlund Bergström started on the bench, both were brought into action for the second half. Chris Lathams half time rant at his players could be heard from the hot dog stand, but it seemed to work wonders as Långholmen put in an excellent team performance in the second forty five. In 53 minutes the offside trap was beaten and it was 4-2 to the home team. The Stripes were cruising and Boo hardly had a shot on goal the whole of the second period. As usual the fans got into the spirit of things and sang their way all the way to the final whistle. The icing on this particular cake was a free kick effort from 25 yards by Kenny, his shot catching the keeper completely unawares.

Boo can thank themselves they escaped from Essinge with only five goals against and the fact they were made to look a very ordinary side by Långholmen will give surely give them a wake up call in the next two matches. Långholmen now look forward to the trip to Skå for the next fixture, but make no mistake this will be a very tough game against a side who are just starting to hit a bit of form.

Stripes Man of Match : Mattias Larsson once again received the vote from the Ultras.

Picture and text Scot James

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Player profile No.5

Thursday, June 4th, 2009


Mattias Larsson



Last season you played for Mälarhöjden. What do you think the main differences are between them and Långholmen?

The Långholmen fans are by far the biggest difference. It’s such a privilege playing in front of them. When it comes to on-pitch differences Mälarhöjden prefer possesion and the passing game whilst Långholmen like to play a quick, more direct style of play.

You have scored a few goals in your playing career, can you pick out a favourite for us?

The goal I scored in this season’s first game against Reymerholm was very special indeed. I’ve never before scored a goal in front of that many people. And it was a quite important goal as well, as it made us go 2-0 up just before half time.

If you had the chance to play in the same team as any player in the world past or present who would it be?

Being the shortest player in the football club you can see how I fancy other short players. I’d love to play with many of the players in the current Barcelona side (i think manager Guardiola has given the football world something to think about), and I think Maradona is the best player in history.

When you joined Långholmen you had long hair and looked like a viking warrior now you have cut it off and look like a member of boyzone, what was the reason for this? Did Robbie Graham make you do it ?
To be completely honest. Yes.
It’s Saturday night and you have the chance to have a meal at an exclusive restaurant with any four people who are not involved in football. Who are they and what would you discuss ?

James Brown, Will Farrell, Ingvar Oldsberg, Scarlett Johansson (as my date). It’d be an entertaining evening.
Who has been the biggest influence on your career so far ?
My former managers, particularly Dag Appelgren and Peter Hautalahti. And my son, 10-month-old Gösta. When he came along I got something new to care and think about and I changed as a person. Now I’m more relaxed and down to earth in my approach to playing football. I enjoy it more.
Where will The Stripes finish in the league this season ?
1st! I’m certain we’ll continue to gel as a unit throughout the course of this season, and that will win us the league. We definitely have got the potential and quality with our current squad.

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View from the Terraces

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009
The Ultras celebrate at the final whistle

The Ultras celebrate at the final whistle

The sun shone and the points came home to a very hard working Stripes team. Last Saturday’s match was a vital one for the club and every supporter  who witnessed the superb victory over Ängby will agree the match was great entertainment. A lower crowd than normal  made their way to Essinge IP, the fact that it was FA Cup final day, the Stockholm Marathon was on and the Elitloppet took place at Solvalla, made sure we had a little to compete against.

Instead of the usual six pack of beers, ice cream was distributed among the fans, well received in blistering conditions. The extra man, the ultras, on the sidelines really helped spur on the team in the last twenty minutes and that support was richly rewarded when Wilhelm Karlsson got the winner, much to the jubilation of nearly everyone in the ground.

We go into Friday’s game full of confidence against a Boo side who come off the back of an away win against Stuvsta last week. The away team were quoted as being one of the favourites for the league, but have yet to show top of the league form. Långholmen will have to be particularly cautious of star man Sadiq Sadiq who is a real threat in front of goal.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before we see Paul Sullivan and Deri Thomas back to full fitness and wearing the stripes. Paul himself said it is the most frustrating thing in the world watching your team play when you are injured.

Manager Chris Latham said earlier in the week: “It is time we started to show our quality and put pressure on the teams at the top of the table”. He also added: ” The boys are really up for things right now, that’s the mood, they have a real sense of belief.”

Let’s hope it pays dividends and we have another three points in the bag by Saturday morning.

Friday night’s game is at  Essinge IP and has an 8pm kick-off.

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Latest Match Report

Monday, June 1st, 2009

photo and text Scot James

Långholmen impress in top of table clash.


Andy O’Sullivan 6 mins, Oscar Hentmark 81 mins, Wilhelm Karlsson 83 mins

ÄNGBY IF (1) 2

Had Långholmen left Essinge after this match without at least a point they would have felt a great injustice had been done. For a period after the restart it looked like it was going to be a repeat of the Ekerö game a few weeks ago, where Långholmen dominated the first half but failed to convert chances into goals and then let the visitors back into the game. When Henrik Hanses played a neat one two and crashed the ball home on 51 minutes it looked like his team would take control of the match but this spurred on the home team and they showed a familiar spirit that saw them claw their way back into the match.

Like last week’s match Långholmen took an early lead, Colm Kenny raced down the left side and shook off the defender before delivering an inch perfect pass to O’Sullivan who knocked the ball past the keeper. Långholmen maintained possession for long periods of the first half and created several goal scoring opportunities. Striker Colm Kenny left the pitch at the break very frustrated after seeing two great efforts canon off the cross bar, one of these was a super free kick effort from 25 yards. Had the Stripes been able to get another two goals it would have killed off Ängby. Instead the away team were given a lifeline just before the first half ended when Hanses won his team a penalty, it looked like a very dubious decision but the referee waved aside any protests and Sebastian Lindholm stepped up to place the ball high past Evan Barnes in goal.

Ängby started the second 45 with a buoyant determination and started to take control of things, the second goal came and for a spell knocked the wind out of Långholmen. It was a real battle in the last twenty minutes and some crucial interceptions in midfield saw the home team start to create chances again, Kenny once again saw a good snapshot effort go past, Ängby themselves could have sealed all three points had Saeed scored when he was free in front of goal but his effort soared past the upright.

It was down to two of the young guns in the team to settle things for the Stripes and two well worked goals they were. Oscar Hentmark got on the end of a well worked passing move on 81 minutes, Colm Kenny provided Allen with a fine ball and he in turn fed it to Hentmark who wasted no time in hitting the net.

The home fans were spurring their team on and were rewarded for their backing with a goal from Wilhelm Karlsson, a rare occurrence for the young defender but one he will savour.

Man of the match Pete McConnell was lyrical about the team spirit and the quality in the squad this season and it certainly showed in this game.

Div 4 Mellersta
Monday 1st June
Marieberg 8 6 1 1 26 8 18 19
Ängby 8 6 0 2 27 10 17 18
Långholmen 8 6 0 2 20 11 9 18
Skå 8 4 2 2 15 11 4 14
Boo FF 8 4 2 2 14 10 4 14
Ekerö 8 4 1 3 16 13 3 13
Järla 8 4 0 4 14 25 -11 12
FCK/LS 8 3 1 4 18 13 5 10
Olympiacos 8 3 1 4 15 18 -3 10
Reymersholm 8 3 0 5 13 17 -4 9
Stuvsta 8 0 1 7 9 26 -17 1
Bromsten 8 0 1 7 7 32 -25 1

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