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New chairman/president for LFC!

Thanks to those that came to the AGM. Mats Gustavsson, the chairman of LFC for the last five years, has now stepped down to make way for our new chairman/president Anna Rutgersson. We’re extremely pleased Anna has volunteered to help move the club forward and join the committee.
It goes without saying that we are very grateful to Mats for all his work, energy, personal time and passion with LFC over the last five years. Some of the club highlights he has been involved in is the promotion to Div3, our match against IFK Gothenburg in the Svenska Cup, R1 promotion to SR2, our international friendlies as well as helping to arrange our 10th anniversary dinner dance and club nights out amongst many others. A job well done!

I’m sure you’re all as pleased as the committee is in welcoming Anna:
“As the new chairman (or chairwoman or president if you prefer) I just wanted to say I feel very honored taking over this role in Långholmen FC.

For those of you who don’t know who I am, here’s a little background story.
I’m a supporter of IFK Göteborg since a little child. When I moved from Gothenburg to Stockholm in 2001, I was therefore glad to find there was a supporters group here (called Änglarna Stockholm, which I was the chairman for 2009-2012).
But I felt I missed not having a team that I could support here in Stockholm. For obvious reasons I could never support the big clubs in Stockholm and I felt no connection to any other clubs at all.
Then the cup game between Långholmen FC and IFK Göteborg took place. I just loved the atmosphere the LFC fans created and I loved that the players never gave up on the pitch.
There and then I decided that Långholmen FC would be my second team to support.
During this season I’ve helped the first team a bit during the games as ”lagledare”.

Mats has done a great job over the years and obviously knows the club very well, so it’s with great humbleness I take on this role after him. With the long time commitment and experience that Pete Skinner and Morty McCarthy have and together with the new board members Chris Allen and Guillaume Masse, I’m convinced that we all along with the rest of the people in the club, the players and the supporters can help the club developing in a positive direction.

If you have any suggestions or questions or complaints, don’t hesitate to contact me at

Best regards,

As mentioned by Anna, Chris Allen and Guillaume Masse have also volunteered to join the committee for the coming LFC year. We’re obviously delighted that they’re onboard too. Welcome lads.

To next season then! Onwards and upwards!


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