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LFC Player Profile: Chris Allen

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Full Name: Christopher Allen

Age: 23

Seasons with club including current: 4

Swedish speaking skills: “Jag kan lite svenska”

Position: 1. Wing Forward 2. Auxiliary Goalkeeper

Joined Långholmen midseason in 2008 at a tricky time for the club, Långholmen were lingering at the wrong end of the table and had just lost their manager; however a new management team and the signings of Allen and Kenny saw the club rise up the table and gave the fans a glimpse of what was in store for 2009.

2009 was obviously a historic year for Långholmen, the club won the division 4 title and were promoted to the full Swedish league system for the first time since it’s inception. Chris Allen’s influence that season cannot be overstated, playing from the right wing he finished the season as the club’s top scorer, even breaking his nose for the cause with a courageous goalscoring header vs Reymersholm in the last game of the season. Allen capped off a wonderful season by being named manager’s player of the year.

Despite staring in Långholmen’s league win in 2009 Allen toiled in 2010, a niggling ankle injury early season took it’s toll and then a long term injury to first choice goalkeeper Edwin Bergquist meant that Allen spent much of the season in and out of goal. Allen is an accomplised goalkeeper, his childhood position, and he excelled there at times last season, but goals are what this player is all about and a fine goalscoring performance in League Round 3 bodes well for the remainder of 2011.

Question and Answer with Chris Allen:

Q: If you were stranded a desert island what three things would you want to have with you and why?


A football

Magazines (he says with a cheeky wink)

A fishing net

Q: Favourite Movie

A: Slumdog Millionaire

Q: What is your favourite thing to do outside of football?

A: Spend time with friends and playing on my PS3 (FIFA usually)

Q: Best place you have visited in the wonderful world of ours?

A: Italy or Japan

Our resident wild child will be asked to give a quick summary to describe each player, here are his thoughts on Chrissy Allen:

Chris ‘d kid’ Allen, works in a pre-school where he can learn

as much as he can from the kids around him.

Wants to be a fireman when he grows up!”

Colm Kenny

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Player Profile N0.3

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009
Andy O'Sullivan.

Andy O'Sullivan.


Andrew O’Sullivan



Tell us about your first footballing memory

I focused on rugby until i was about 15, but always kicked a ball around with my dad in the park… i’ve got a lot of fond memories of that. He selectively gave up playing sport with me as I got old enough to beat him and now only plays golf (and scrabble).

Others clubs you support other than Långholmen

Plymouth Argyle. My home town. You can see the stadium from my back garden and can hear the roar of the goals going in on a Saturday afternoon.

Your most memorable game in a Långholmen jersey

Individually there has been highs and lows. Scoring four in one game in Div 5 vs Stuvsta, and breaking my leg in a 3-2 win last season both memorable for different reasons. My favourite team performance would possibly be our last game of last season and the 3-2 win away against the league’s runner-up Österåker. It was played in some terrible conditions, a good old fashioned mud bath, and some very amusing moments culminated in a team ‘pile-up’ when Deri scored the winner in the last 5 mins. Classic Långholmen.

If you could play alongside any player in the world who would it be and why

Zidane and Cantona stand out as the best players from my era… but i’d rather play up front with Micky Evans. He’s from Devon.

If you could have dinner with any famous person in the world who would it be and what where would you eat .

I’d have a dinner party at my place and invite Tony Blair, Dawn French, Martin Johnson, Elvis, Roald Dahl and Hitler. I’ve got questions for them all.

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Player profiles

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009
Player Profile No.1 Robbie Graham

Player Profile No.1 Robbie Graham

We start off our series of player profiles with long serving player and club captain Robbie Graham.


Robbie Graham

Age 26

Favourite other club apart from Långholmen Man United

Favourite player as a schoolboy and why:  Andy Cole, I suppose because unlike Eric Cantona and Giggs and the like, he wasn’t perfect, but still brilliant.

Most memorable match in a Långholmen shirt
so many but I’ll go for Viksjö at home in 2008.  We won 3-2 and got our fight for survival on track.

Biggest influence during your football career. Probably Nick Short, our former manager.  I never really played football seriously before joining Långholmen and he taught me so much over the four years that we worked together.

I f you had the chance to go out for a couple of pints with anyone in the world who would it be and why: I would have a table of four.  It would be me, Roy Keane, Stevie Wonder and Nelson Mandela.  They are 3 people from different spheres of life that I inspire me and I’m sure that we could find a lot to talk about.  Mostly women, I’d imagine.

Which position will Långholmen finish in the league this season
. I think, realistically, we will be looking to get in the top 4 and take it from there.  It will be a challenge but we have a strong talented squad that play for each other and want to progress so it will be a good challenge.

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