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Is that good or bad? As seen by an artist from Eastern Europe

Unstuck from Stockholm

February 26th, 2015 by andrea

That’s how my blog should be called now.

Tack everybody who visited this blog since the last time I was around!

In the summer of 2012, I decided to take a break from Sverige for a while and do one thing that I have always loved to do: travel!

Quick rewind:

On Lucia Day of 2005, I stepped on Swedish soil with my then-husband, after spending a year in England where we have met. More about it: My Sweden anniversary

And exactly 7 years later, on the 13th of December 2012, I packed all my stuff and sat on a 40-ton truck, waving bye to cold Scandinavia for some time.

Yes, I traveled from Stockholm back home to my parents in Hungary with a huge truck, which was quite an adventure! More a little bit later, as soon as I find the photos.

This is what I left, the last location where I lived for one year, on Faringso Island, just outside of Stockholm – isn’t it a fairy tale?:

Don't ask what the world needs

And this is where I am staying right now, a before sunrise view from my hostel window in Prague:

Loving it!

Hejsan from Central Europe: I am sooooo much happier now, living in this part of the world, out of a suitcase, moving around mainly in my Bermuda Triangle of Hungary-Austria-Czech Republic.

But probably I will come back here every now and then, because I still have tons of material from my Stockholm and Sweden experiences – and because I do go back to Sverige!

Funny enough, just the last year I had two trips to Sweden and I enjoyed them a lot!!

Now I can’t wait to go back there again… This is what is called a love-hate relationship, isn’t it? :-)

Thanks for reading, Hej då by now, and if you want to follow my traveling adventures, there is much more now on here: Live and Travel Your Life

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FBI Visit

November 4th, 2012 by andrea

What a day it was! While half of Stockholm were having Halloween parties, our neighborhood got a visit by FBI, I got a pair of beautiful earrings almost as a present, and in the night, I met Jesus…

First thing first: two black Mercedes vans (only one on the picture) at the riding school just around the corner, 150 meters or so from my place:

FBI Visit (1)

I couldn’t believe my eyes! Yes, the letters FBI on the vans!

Shocked as I was, I went closer, for that was my way to the bus, and what did I see:

FBI Visit (2)

Real Estate Construction Industry, in Pitea

One more pearl of Swedish language usage :-)

(And the real FBI should simply ignore my previous post, about the $43 trillion debt lawsuit in the US)

Discover The 7 Steps to Freedom

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Drottningholm at twilight

October 29th, 2012 by andrea

A quick trip to Drottningholm, the residence of King of Sweden.

A couple of days ago, on my way to town I got off the bus and walked back one stop to shoot a few pics – it was worth, wasn’t it? :-)

If you have time for a few more clicks, you can view them larger and have a breathtaking experience, enjoy! (On the photo’s page: Actions => View all sizes)

Drottningholm 2012Oct (19)

Drottningholm 2012Oct (17)

Drottningholm 2012Oct (14)

Drottningholm 2012Oct (15)

Drottningholm 2012Oct (7)

And if you visit Stockholm and you have 2 hours to kill, Drottningholm is a must see. To get there, you take the green metro line to Brommaplan (direction: Hasselby strand), and a number of buses go there, it’s only 3 stops.

Brought to you by Andrea’s Cash Machines – Pick Yours

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Ford for Sale

October 4th, 2012 by andrea

Got up early in the morning and took a walk in almost rainy Viking Land – I should expect my millions coming. So let’s do some business! Here is a Ford for sale:

Ford for sale - 1. Photo: Andrea Gerak

Ford for sale - 2. Photo: Andrea Gerak

Dalarna, Sweden. Photo: Andrea Gerak

And you can find it here:
Ford for sale - 3. Photo: Andrea Gerak

Look at this one too:

Your Dream Car?

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Looking for a job in Sweden?

September 18th, 2012 by andrea

I hardly read mainstream news (they are only designed to put you down, intentionally), but this morning bumped into an article on The Local, which gave me a big laugh, so it might deserve a blog post.

Swedish jobs agency can’t fill own vacancies

Short summary:

The Swedish Public Employment Agency (Arbetsförmedlingen) hired a recruitment company to fill their own vacancies. Which from one side, shows their level of competency to help people in finding work.

On the other hand, this particular company is to get 24 000 Kronor ($3640,) per recruitment. The state-owned Arbetsförmedlingen needs to recruit 700-800 new employees, yearly. Last year they paid 38 million Kronor  (it’s about 5 780 000USD, 4 425 000EUR) to recruitment companies. From tax payers’ money, what else?

Swedish coins

I have my personal experience with Arbetsförmedlingen: through the years, I registered twice with them as job seeker. Maybe someone can learn from my adventures.

Read more in my main blog >>>

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September 6th, 2012 by andrea

On Sunday a very non-Swedish thing happened in Viking Land: a party.

Our new neighbors threw a house warming party right next day after moving in. The usual story: ageing Swede got a beautiful young lady from Thailand. While this in itself, why it is a usual story for Swedish men to export women into a country where there are probably more single gals than anywhere else, would deserve a full essay, here I only wanna give you a little impression of how to let your hair down when you have a small, international crowd.


First of all, there was food, drink, food and drink. Mike, a Libanese man around 60, made sure that everyone’s plates and glasses were full, at all times. He himself mostly drank of the bottles: simply pouring the wine down his throat, without swallowing.

Then there was MUSIC. That’s quite something, for in the past one year since I am at this place, I heard music in the area maybe 10 times only. Of which 4 was some organized event on the next islands.

Here we had a couple of CDs from Dubai: Arabic music with modern touch. Actually I did like the one with 4 gay male singers, they sounded 100x more masculine then most of the straight boy bands of Western pop music…

So we had Arabic music from a JVC ghetto blaster, gotta hear Bedouine songs at the table performed by Mike who didn’t only have a huge potbelly but a great voice as well, we watched and learned a little belly dancing from a Libanese girl, a traditional dance from the Syrian-Turkish border from a guy from Syria, and of course I did a song or two – Hungarian folk songs from Slovakia which they loved.

Yeah, we had also a bit of bottle dance, which is normal for Hungarian female folk dancers except that this wine bottle was very narrow and tall, almost full.

All of us had a wonderful time – maybe except for the belly dancer’s gorgeous daughter who would rather hide in a car and read a book. For me personally (beside seeing how my little songs that no-one understood a word of, were touching hearts), the most wonderful experience was to see my landlord, his wife, brother and his wife, all four hearing impaired, having great fun, enjoying the music, the live songs, and dancing crazy! They have been saying all the time (perhaps in their entire life?), that they prefer to associate with deaf people, because of the barriers in communication with others.

Well, it seems that sometimes it’s much easier to jump over some borders, whether they be physical or only in one’s mind – I hope you don’t mind me getting slightly philosophical, even about a party :-)

Ps: yes, I do perform as a singer or dancer for private, corporate, community etc events, find out more on my website

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Golden Evening in Stockholm

August 11th, 2012 by andrea

Okay, yesterday Sweden beat my Hungary at mens handball at the Olympics, with only one point. Grattis! Hungarians are anyway far before Swedes in the Medal Count :-p

In the meantime, it was a golden evening in Stockholm, with scenes like here:

Golden evening in Stockholm (2) Photo: Andrea Gerak

Golden evening in Stockholm (3) Photo: Andrea Gerak

Golden evening in Stockholm (1) Photo: Andrea Gerak

This is where I am blogging now mostly

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Your Dream Car?

August 1st, 2012 by andrea

Last Friday evening I happened to walk on Sveavägen which is one of the main streets in Stockholm city. Think perhaps Champs Élysées in Paris or Ringstrasse in Vienna, Nagykörút (Grand Boulevard) in Budapest.

To my surprise, it was so much more alive than any other times I have been there – and that is one of the places where I am several times a week. First time since I have been here, this street looked like an ordinary weekday summer evening in one of those streets mentioned above. With the difference that here it was a special occasion.
I found out that on the last Friday of every month they have a cruise with great cars.

Not some super quality photos, took them with my phone, without flash, but you get the feeling.

This one is for parties on board, obviously:

Your dream car? (1) Photo: Andrea Gerak

Your dream car? (3) Photo: Andrea Gerak

Your dream car? (5) Photo: Andrea Gerak

Your dream car? (8) Photo: Andrea Gerak

I didn’t see them all, but maybe this Buick was my favorite:

Your dream car? (7) Photo: Andrea Gerak

And this cute nanny was just standing there on the road, watching them passing by…

Your dream car? (6) Photo: Andrea Gerak

I just noticed: it’s all red cars… On Saturday there will be another cruise, I should pass by and shoot some blue ones too – or silver, yellow, black, green.

I have never thought of what would be My Dream Car – but what is yours?

(Whatever it is, check out this and this – they will help you get Your Dream Car faster!)

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Vrångö Beach

July 7th, 2012 by andrea

Summer is here even in Sweden (not to be compared to my Hungary though where they have 40 degrees these days…)

Earlier I promised to go out to the beach in Vrångö island, so here you go, have a great time:

Vrangö Beach - 1. Photo: Andrea Gerak

More pictures here

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June 10th, 2012 by andrea

A wonderful walk on the most remote island of Gothenburg Southern Archipelago where the ferry goes to and which is inhabited: Vrångö, as part of this trip.

No way I could live in such a remote, cold and small place where probably nothing ever happens and your life is pretty much dependent upon whether or not you can reach the town when you need or want something, but the beauty of it definitely captured me and I could understand what the people living there must like there.

Enjoy the very special atmosphere of this stunning place!

Vrangö, 2012 May (1)

Vrangö, 2012 May (2)

Vrangö, 2012 May (3)

More pictures

Next time we go to the beach, okay?

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