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Looking for a job in Sweden?

I hardly read mainstream news (they are only designed to put you down, intentionally), but this morning bumped into an article on The Local, which gave me a big laugh, so it might deserve a blog post.

Swedish jobs agency can’t fill own vacancies

Short summary:

The Swedish Public Employment Agency (Arbetsförmedlingen) hired a recruitment company to fill their own vacancies. Which from one side, shows their level of competency to help people in finding work.

On the other hand, this particular company is to get 24 000 Kronor ($3640,) per recruitment. The state-owned Arbetsförmedlingen needs to recruit 700-800 new employees, yearly. Last year they paid 38 million Kronor  (it’s about 5 780 000USD, 4 425 000EUR) to recruitment companies. From tax payers’ money, what else?

Swedish coins

I have my personal experience with Arbetsförmedlingen: through the years, I registered twice with them as job seeker. Maybe someone can learn from my adventures.

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4 responses to “Looking for a job in Sweden?”

  1. andrea says:

    hi Sandra, so what can I do for him?

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  2. andrea says:

    Thank you John. Would you please send me more info about what are you looking for and what do you ofer, media (at) andreagerak (dot) com
    Thank you, Andrea

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  3. JOHN HAYES says:

    Hi Andrea
    Love your blog. In #Sweden? #FeckTV wants u!. Write & upload a little. Get paid. CV & 5 of ur best links 2

    Kind Regards

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