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Is that good or bad? As seen by an artist from Eastern Europe

FBI Visit

What a day it was! While half of Stockholm were having Halloween parties, our neighborhood got a visit by FBI, I got a pair of beautiful earrings almost as a present, and in the night, I met Jesus…

First thing first: two black Mercedes vans (only one on the picture) at the riding school just around the corner, 150 meters or so from my place:

FBI Visit (1)

I couldn’t believe my eyes! Yes, the letters FBI on the vans!

Shocked as I was, I went closer, for that was my way to the bus, and what did I see:

FBI Visit (2)

Real Estate Construction Industry, in Pitea

One more pearl of Swedish language usage :-)

(And the real FBI should simply ignore my previous post, about the $43 trillion debt lawsuit in the US)

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