Stuck In Stockholm

Is that good or bad? As seen by an artist from Eastern Europe

Unstuck from Stockholm

That’s how my blog should be called now.

Tack everybody who visited this blog since the last time I was around!

In the summer of 2012, I decided to take a break from Sverige for a while and do one thing that I have always loved to do: travel!

Quick rewind:

On Lucia Day of 2005, I stepped on Swedish soil with my then-husband, after spending a year in England where we have met. More about it: My Sweden anniversary

And exactly 7 years later, on the 13th of December 2012, I packed all my stuff and sat on a 40-ton truck, waving bye to cold Scandinavia for some time.

Yes, I traveled from Stockholm back home to my parents in Hungary with a huge truck, which was quite an adventure! More a little bit later, as soon as I find the photos.

This is what I left, the last location where I lived for one year, on Faringso Island, just outside of Stockholm – isn’t it a fairy tale?:

Don't ask what the world needs

And this is where I am staying right now, a before sunrise view from my hostel window in Prague:

Loving it!

Hejsan from Central Europe: I am sooooo much happier now, living in this part of the world, out of a suitcase, moving around mainly in my Bermuda Triangle of Hungary-Austria-Czech Republic.

But probably I will come back here every now and then, because I still have tons of material from my Stockholm and Sweden experiences – and because I do go back to Sverige!

Funny enough, just the last year I had two trips to Sweden and I enjoyed them a lot!!

Now I can’t wait to go back there again… This is what is called a love-hate relationship, isn’t it? :-)

Thanks for reading, Hej då by now, and if you want to follow my traveling adventures, there is much more now on here: Live and Travel Your Life

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