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Is that good or bad? As seen by an artist from Eastern Europe

Gothenburg Southern Archipelago – 2

June 9th, 2012 by andrea

A terrific part of Sweden, had a short trip with a friend at these islands a few weeks ago. Come with us – if only through these pictures!

(I am not sure of the exact map locations of the photos, but it’s all around there)

Click on this photo to see more:

Gothenburg Southern Archipelago - 2 (1). Photo: Andrea Gerak

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Grattis Sverige!

June 6th, 2012 by andrea

June 6th is Sweden’s national holiday. Have a terrific day!

Grattis Sverige!

Flag of the ferry called Valö, I believe, going around the Gothenburg Southern Archipelago where I had a wonderful trip a few weeks ago (more pictures follow)

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Gothenburg Southern Archipelago – 1

May 28th, 2012 by andrea

Ever since in Sweden, I guess I had my most wonderful time…

Visited Göteborg (Gothenburg for you English speakers) for the very first time, and at the first impression, I liked the atmosphere better than in Stockholm.

One day my dear friend (who was an awesome host, tack igen! :-) took me to the Southern Archipelago, which is absolutely a must, if you are around the area.

And it’s very easy: you take a tram to Saltholmen, and a ferry from there, will cost you a tram ticket.

Let the pictures talk! Part 1 – before boarding

Click on this one for more:

Travel by Andrea Gerak: Gothenburg Southern Archipelago

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Cherry blossoms

April 28th, 2012 by andrea

Well, I am a bit late with this one, have a lot to catch up with, but I hope you enjoy a few pics of the cherry trees in Kungsträdgarden (click to see them all):

Stockholm by Andrea Gerak: Cherry blossoms

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Happy Easter!

April 9th, 2012 by andrea

Spring at Stenhamra Stenbrott. Photo: Andrea Gerak

Wishing you a happy Easter and a happy Spring with this little recording I made yesterday, on an excursion at this beautiful place here, just outside Stockholm, at Stenhamra Stenbrott.

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Winter on the lake – 2

March 6th, 2012 by andrea

After being a bit sick and dealing with a lot of other stuff, back here with my blogs.

A little more snow & ice, before it goes away – but March in Sweden doesn’t mean spring, it is normally end of April when I put away my winter coat…

Continuing from last time when I showed you one of my favorite hiding places by the lake (this is from my Nature photo blog), now we actually go out to the open “water”:


Some more gorgeous pictures, if you click on this one.

This is definitely one thing to do around Stockholm in the winter: walk on the frozen lakes – and even better, if you have a pair of skates…

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Bus trip to Björkvik – 1

February 26th, 2012 by andrea

It was such a gorgeous, sunny Sunday, although cold and also windy at times.

Originally, I thought I would go out to the Archipelago ang get some sea breeze, but instead I decided to take a shorter trip only and discover Viking Land a bit more.

So now I went all the way to the farthest tip of Färingsö island, to Björkvik. By the way, in Sweden there are 57 settlements with this name… you can identify this one by that it belongs to Ekerö municipality.

It’s a nice trip if you want to see more of the Stockholm area than just the city. Take the blue bus 176 from Brommaplan to the end station Stenhamra Solsidan, then change to the red 317. That one doesn’t have a busy schedule to say the least, but if you have no luck with catching a connection, you can walk one or two (or more…) stops, instead of waiting.

A good couple of pictures in my photo blog, click on this one:

Bus trip to Björkvik, winter (46)

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Bringing you a little sun

February 10th, 2012 by andrea

Warning: this is an exceptional post where I will recommend a super product for you to buy. If you already know you are not interested, just skip it and enjoy my other posts :-)

Wonderful sunny days here in Stockholm, so I just got the idea to show you something that will help you to give your body a little sunshine, internally…

What would be a good first choice when it comes to healthy food?

There are so many healthy and yummy things, nutritional supplements, superfoods and drinks on the market today that it might take you years to experiment with them, before finding those that work best for you. Indeed I have tried many of all these, till I have something now that has proven to be the very best.

I have heard about barley before, that this grain had been nurturing Greek soldiers and Roman gladiators, and that it was perfect for babies. A few years ago, shortly after my cancer operation, I run into a Swedish product in Budapest, called activated barley. What is activated barley? In the next post, you can read about all the specifications, explanations. For those who are not interested too much in the special terms, scientific texts and all that, but want only a no-nonsense info and personal experience from someone, here you go:

Activated barley is pre-sprouted barley, and is the highest vibrating food we know today.

The ultra-long-chain carbohydrate provides a low, sustained release of energy and insulin, giving you 400% more energy per calorie than any other food calorie known.

What does that mean? You won’t be hungry for a good while, but you will feel energized after it from all the nutritions, and your blood sugar will be balanced.

Activated barley is actually real food: not just a supplement that you would have beside your normal meals, but it gives you so much nutritions that you can in fact count on it as your everyday food. Boy, will it activate you!

Actually, I have tried this: for a few months I was basically living on it, because that was my cheapest option to eat, there were days and weeks when I almost had nothing else but activated barley, mixed with water or sometimes juice or tea. Results?

My skin loved it, became more clear and smooth, my hair got back its shine and curls, I always looked fresh, even with only a few hours of sleep, I felt energetic and happy, no any problems with my stomach acidity and such, and the often heavy oedema of my legs disappeared. I had that first 20 years ago when I was pregnant, and ever since it has been a problem for me, especially after my cancer surgery when they removed a bunch of my lymph nodes. With activated barley, after all those long years, that was the first time when I could wear short skirts again :-) My teenager son – who is rather picky with food, and not a health freak at all, to say the least – LOVED it.

Not to mention that having activated barley in my diet, improved my condition much faster, while recovering from cancer.

Unfortunately, after some time that product disappeared from the market, which left me searching for activated barley. So I am very happy now to have it for myself and to recommend it to you, because I only had the best experiences, and you can now get it directly from here:

Sunwarrior Activated Barley

900g (30 portions)

495 SEK

Payment options:


sales (at) andreagerak (dot) com

2. Deposit to Sweden bank account

Please email for details.

How to make your barley drink:

Simply mix 1 tablespoon barley powder with water, juice, yoghurt, or if you drink soy or rice milk, and so on. You can even experiment making a shake with your coffee or tea, if you are brave. Follow this page for yummy recipes.

And you have a whole food meal for 16.50 SEK (+ if you add other ingredients)

Enjoy your highly energizing barley drink one or several times, any time of the day!

Disclaimer: nothing here should be interpreted as to diagnose or cure a medical condition; in such cases one should consult a practitioner and make up one’s own mind.

Secrets from Andrea Gerak


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Abandoned – 1

February 9th, 2012 by andrea

Yesterday I went to Ekerö Centrum to pick up a box of barley, and as it was snowing beautifully, I decided to skip a couple of bus stops and take another walk instead than where I normally go. The 1 hour 20 minutes extra I spent was definitely worth it: not only got my exercise, fresh air and discovered a route I have been meaning to try for ever since I am out here in Viking Land, but I bumped into a few surprising sights – and when I did hop on the bus, there was my friend Maluni, so we had a little chat.

Forgotten things:

Abandoned ship - 2

Abandoned ship - 2. Photo: Andrea Gerak

Abandoned car - 2

Abandoned car - 2. Photo: Andrea Gerak

More pictures

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Winter on the lake – 1

February 6th, 2012 by andrea

Oh yay, winter is here. there is a lot of fuzz about the weather in the media, chaos, havoc and all that reported – I would assume that the temperature and snow which is not even strange for Central Europe, shouldn’t be a problem in Scandinavia, and the public transport companies and so on should be well prepared to handle it, but it is apparently not so.

Or perhaps it is  only such a big deal according to the media – weather is always a good subject. Here, on one of the islands of Mälaren, I only experienced any problem on Friday early evening, when I had to wait 1 hour for the bus from Brommaplan.

Anyway, why not enjoy Winter Wonderland, if it’s here?

Friday was one very cold but gorgeous day out here in Viking Land. I simply had to go out to my hiding place by the lake.

On the way:



At the lake:

WInter on the lake - 15

More pics

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