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Ford for Sale

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Got up early in the morning and took a walk in almost rainy Viking Land – I should expect my millions coming. So let’s do some business! Here is a Ford for sale:

Ford for sale - 1. Photo: Andrea Gerak

Ford for sale - 2. Photo: Andrea Gerak

Dalarna, Sweden. Photo: Andrea Gerak

And you can find it here:
Ford for sale - 3. Photo: Andrea Gerak

Look at this one too:

Your Dream Car?

Brought to you by Andrea’s Cash Machines – Pick Yours

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Your Dream Car?

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Last Friday evening I happened to walk on Sveavägen which is one of the main streets in Stockholm city. Think perhaps Champs Élysées in Paris or Ringstrasse in Vienna, Nagykörút (Grand Boulevard) in Budapest.

To my surprise, it was so much more alive than any other times I have been there – and that is one of the places where I am several times a week. First time since I have been here, this street looked like an ordinary weekday summer evening in one of those streets mentioned above. With the difference that here it was a special occasion.
I found out that on the last Friday of every month they have a cruise with great cars.

Not some super quality photos, took them with my phone, without flash, but you get the feeling.

This one is for parties on board, obviously:

Your dream car? (1) Photo: Andrea Gerak

Your dream car? (3) Photo: Andrea Gerak

Your dream car? (5) Photo: Andrea Gerak

Your dream car? (8) Photo: Andrea Gerak

I didn’t see them all, but maybe this Buick was my favorite:

Your dream car? (7) Photo: Andrea Gerak

And this cute nanny was just standing there on the road, watching them passing by…

Your dream car? (6) Photo: Andrea Gerak

I just noticed: it’s all red cars… On Saturday there will be another cruise, I should pass by and shoot some blue ones too – or silver, yellow, black, green.

I have never thought of what would be My Dream Car – but what is yours?

(Whatever it is, check out this and this – they will help you get Your Dream Car faster!)

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