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Dagmar’s visit

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

The storm Dagmar was very lovely to pay us a visit at Christmas. Can’t say that Swedish ladies are not friendly :-p

She was a strong one, it didn’t only leave houses in the North and West without power, but also here, a little bit outside of Stockholm… Just saying, in case you have not heard this from other news.

And as everything in my little stuga here in Viking Land runs on electricity, it was quite an adventure without heating, light, hot water, cooking or even boiling water…
Long live candle lights! Now that’s romantic, isn’t it?

To have some tea at all yesterday morning, I went over to the neighbors, to the ones I found home – it was anyway time for me to do a little introduction.

Opposed to where I was living for 4 years (in a big apartment house) where the only neighbors who returned my hello at all were foreign people and my only contact with the next door Swedes had to be to ask them at 2am on on weekdays to turn the blasting party volume down, and for one year in a villa area where the immediate neighbor would not return my hello or say anything to me at all when we met just outside the door – here this Swedish man and his lovely wife invited me for a coffee while my tea water was boiling on their fire stove, offered me to come over any time if there is a problem with the electricity or something so that I wouldn’t freeze, and we had a very nice chat.

Tack, Dagmar! You can go now.

And tack Thor & Kompaniet that the winter has been especially mild so far. And now this gorgeous sunshine – oh, wonderful!

Mellandagsrea for companies, here on my blog

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God Jul!

Monday, December 26th, 2011

My Christmas greetings to you

And some photos that I haven’t posted here (and can’t now, my laptop’s battery is dying and we have no electricity since last night’s storm…): First snow

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Tomten är här – Santa is here

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

One more for today; here just quickly because it’s a lot of photos and I simply can’t do this double work.

And they anyway look much better in larger size than what I could put here.

Santa Claus Octopus

So please go over to my photo blog

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