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Thursday, September 6th, 2012

On Sunday a very non-Swedish thing happened in Viking Land: a party.

Our new neighbors threw a house warming party right next day after moving in. The usual story: ageing Swede got a beautiful young lady from Thailand. While this in itself, why it is a usual story for Swedish men to export women into a country where there are probably more single gals than anywhere else, would deserve a full essay, here I only wanna give you a little impression of how to let your hair down when you have a small, international crowd.


First of all, there was food, drink, food and drink. Mike, a Libanese man around 60, made sure that everyone’s plates and glasses were full, at all times. He himself mostly drank of the bottles: simply pouring the wine down his throat, without swallowing.

Then there was MUSIC. That’s quite something, for in the past one year since I am at this place, I heard music in the area maybe 10 times only. Of which 4 was some organized event on the next islands.

Here we had a couple of CDs from Dubai: Arabic music with modern touch. Actually I did like the one with 4 gay male singers, they sounded 100x more masculine then most of the straight boy bands of Western pop music…

So we had Arabic music from a JVC ghetto blaster, gotta hear Bedouine songs at the table performed by Mike who didn’t only have a huge potbelly but a great voice as well, we watched and learned a little belly dancing from a Libanese girl, a traditional dance from the Syrian-Turkish border from a guy from Syria, and of course I did a song or two – Hungarian folk songs from Slovakia which they loved.

Yeah, we had also a bit of bottle dance, which is normal for Hungarian female folk dancers except that this wine bottle was very narrow and tall, almost full.

All of us had a wonderful time – maybe except for the belly dancer’s gorgeous daughter who would rather hide in a car and read a book. For me personally (beside seeing how my little songs that no-one understood a word of, were touching hearts), the most wonderful experience was to see my landlord, his wife, brother and his wife, all four hearing impaired, having great fun, enjoying the music, the live songs, and dancing crazy! They have been saying all the time (perhaps in their entire life?), that they prefer to associate with deaf people, because of the barriers in communication with others.

Well, it seems that sometimes it’s much easier to jump over some borders, whether they be physical or only in one’s mind – I hope you don’t mind me getting slightly philosophical, even about a party :-)

Ps: yes, I do perform as a singer or dancer for private, corporate, community etc events, find out more on my website

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Bringing you a little sun

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Warning: this is an exceptional post where I will recommend a super product for you to buy. If you already know you are not interested, just skip it and enjoy my other posts :-)

Wonderful sunny days here in Stockholm, so I just got the idea to show you something that will help you to give your body a little sunshine, internally…

What would be a good first choice when it comes to healthy food?

There are so many healthy and yummy things, nutritional supplements, superfoods and drinks on the market today that it might take you years to experiment with them, before finding those that work best for you. Indeed I have tried many of all these, till I have something now that has proven to be the very best.

I have heard about barley before, that this grain had been nurturing Greek soldiers and Roman gladiators, and that it was perfect for babies. A few years ago, shortly after my cancer operation, I run into a Swedish product in Budapest, called activated barley. What is activated barley? In the next post, you can read about all the specifications, explanations. For those who are not interested too much in the special terms, scientific texts and all that, but want only a no-nonsense info and personal experience from someone, here you go:

Activated barley is pre-sprouted barley, and is the highest vibrating food we know today.

The ultra-long-chain carbohydrate provides a low, sustained release of energy and insulin, giving you 400% more energy per calorie than any other food calorie known.

What does that mean? You won’t be hungry for a good while, but you will feel energized after it from all the nutritions, and your blood sugar will be balanced.

Activated barley is actually real food: not just a supplement that you would have beside your normal meals, but it gives you so much nutritions that you can in fact count on it as your everyday food. Boy, will it activate you!

Actually, I have tried this: for a few months I was basically living on it, because that was my cheapest option to eat, there were days and weeks when I almost had nothing else but activated barley, mixed with water or sometimes juice or tea. Results?

My skin loved it, became more clear and smooth, my hair got back its shine and curls, I always looked fresh, even with only a few hours of sleep, I felt energetic and happy, no any problems with my stomach acidity and such, and the often heavy oedema of my legs disappeared. I had that first 20 years ago when I was pregnant, and ever since it has been a problem for me, especially after my cancer surgery when they removed a bunch of my lymph nodes. With activated barley, after all those long years, that was the first time when I could wear short skirts again :-) My teenager son – who is rather picky with food, and not a health freak at all, to say the least – LOVED it.

Not to mention that having activated barley in my diet, improved my condition much faster, while recovering from cancer.

Unfortunately, after some time that product disappeared from the market, which left me searching for activated barley. So I am very happy now to have it for myself and to recommend it to you, because I only had the best experiences, and you can now get it directly from here:

Sunwarrior Activated Barley

900g (30 portions)

495 SEK

Payment options:


sales (at) andreagerak (dot) com

2. Deposit to Sweden bank account

Please email for details.

How to make your barley drink:

Simply mix 1 tablespoon barley powder with water, juice, yoghurt, or if you drink soy or rice milk, and so on. You can even experiment making a shake with your coffee or tea, if you are brave. Follow this page for yummy recipes.

And you have a whole food meal for 16.50 SEK (+ if you add other ingredients)

Enjoy your highly energizing barley drink one or several times, any time of the day!

Disclaimer: nothing here should be interpreted as to diagnose or cure a medical condition; in such cases one should consult a practitioner and make up one’s own mind.

Secrets from Andrea Gerak


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Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Not about boys&girls, but the fruit.

On Monday evening, I bought a box of fresh dates in a big supermarket.  I like to have it for breakfast to my tea (I know, it’s not Swedish…)

Next morning took the first two, but had to spit them out, they were sour. Then I looked closer: some dates in the box did look strange and the whole thing smelled bad. No short date, should be good for a few more months.

So I took it back to the shop with the receipt in the afternoon, and at the customer service, they gave me back the money within 1 second.

A few hours later in the evening, after my errands in the city, I went back to do my shopping, and I did want to eat dates, so I went to the fridge. What did I see? On top of all the boxes, it was the very box I’ve given back… I recognized it immediately: it had another package than the most boxes, the box itself looked used, and I opened it: smelled bad, some of them looked strange, two dates were missing from the corner where I normally start a new box…

I am curious: what would you do: would you find somebody working there and tell them about the mistake, would you leave it there, with a mean smile about that somebody will soon buy it, would you stop other customers and show them what you found, or what?

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