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Think outside the box

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Karolinska Institute researchers just came up with an ingeniously insane study where they confirm that “distinction between psychological illness and creative thinking is wafer thin”, as they say it here on The Local: (Fine line between ingenious and insane: study).

Giving big, scientific words and explanations that seem oh so scientific, simply seems insanely ridiculous to me. Blatantly put: this study doesn’t prove a sh*t. For the very simple fact that there is no such a thing as “psychological illness”.

All those “diseases” have been and are being invented by psychiatrists, in order to sell meds for profits and control the population as a herd of sheep.

Watch the next phases of this story, it will go like this: soon they will STATE that indeed, there is a brain malfunction in geniuses, a certain “chemical imbalance” causes them to think and act in a super fast way. And the next step will be saying “no worries, researches to develop the right cure are already in progress” (without mentioning which pharmaceutical company is funding those studies), and a bit later, voila, researchers have identified the chemical factor which is missing/overrepresented in the brains of those individuals, from which it is just one step away to develop “the right cure,” in form of a new drug, of course (and guess which company will manufacture that drug…).

This is the standard routine of putting new psychiatric drugs on the market, just look at any of them. With a few other steps in between, so that it won’t be so obvious – and also with an ingenious PR where they sell the idea to all the authorities and to the media. Ordinary people then will have no other choice than to believe the ingeniously made-up story, because it comes from the authorities and experts, and they hear it all the time from tv, radio and the papers, so it must be true.

Oh, yeah.

And here we can see how ingeniously they are working on this plot:  psychs (=psychiatrists) are planning to classify independent thinking as a mental disorder – see NaturalNews article Now independent thinkers are considered diseased by psychiatry.

Simply ignore what these guys say, and think outside of the box, folks! :-)

These are the kind of things highly creative persons tend to play around with, watch video (warning: shameless self-promotion :-) )

And fortunately, there are sooooo many artists and thinkers, inventors around whose work I could put here to illustrate what a highly creative human being can accomplish, a good couple of names cross my mind, close and not-so-close friends, determining personalities of the past and the present and the creators of future of Mankind.

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Don’t worry kid, we’ll only break you, for your own sake!

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

There is a debate here around an article on a 16-year-old boy who was decided upon to an involuntary commitment (“tvångsvård”): Swedish teen sectioned over computer addiction

Shortly put: Växjö administration decided to take the kid in an “investigation home” (utredningshem – what’s the English word for that?) from home where he was sitting by the computer all the time and (dig this!) didn’t go to school for 3 years and was threatening with suicide if he had to leave the computer, according to the Sydöstran.

One user asks me: “what will happen if the kommun does nothing?”

Wait a little, let’s take it in order. Let’s see first what is happening at all.

1. What is the exact problem they are trying to solve?

That the boy won’t commit suicide? Then the correct solution is to take him away from the computer, right? Oh my, how ingenious!!!

That he goes to school? Why don’t they take him there then? Would be too simple…

That he stands up from the computer and does other things in life as well? Well, there is a reason (or there are several reasons) why he is not interested in other things in life, and to find out those by truly communicating with him, he doesn’t need to be taken away from his comfy environment to some freaking “utredningshem”. It would only take some competent person who understands a teenager of that age and knows how to speak with them.

“Computer addiction” is NOT a mental disease – if they want to study him for that. (The term “mental disease” is as big a bullocks as scientific it sounds, but don’t let me start on that topic right now, read this one, for example, about one of the greatest fraud of the past centuries, used by psychiatry) And unfortunately, this is what they will do with the boy…

2. After ALL the adults failed to do their jobs in the story, now they torture the kid. Bravo!!!

The parents, as another commenter also put it: “were not reared in the right way, so how could they pass good morals, ethics, behaviors to their children! God help this society and the next generation!” The parents FAILED.

The kid’s school. Do they have ANY responsibility for their student? Letting him to skip school for 3 YEARS??? All those teachers, the director, social worker or what have you, proved greatly incompetent, if they couldn’t achieve with the kid that he would go to school. Their diplomas (if they have any) should be investigated. The school FAILED.

The school system. EVERY child is interested to learn new things, the young school kids are very eager to go to school and enthusiastic to improve every day. If this gets lost by the time a child reaches his teens, and the school can’t show anything that would be interesting to a young person, and the kid can’t see anymore why is it good for him to go to school, that school system, it’s subjects and methods suck, big time. This guy probably would have been much better off with home schooling, specialized on his course of interests, focusing on his purpose of what he wants to do in life, than having to sit in a course room and learning things he most probably will never ever use in his entire life – just because of the that’s the way schooling is supposed to be done, period! attitude and rules. School system FAILED.

The social service worker who was appointed last year to help the family with this issue. Not even worth the time spent on mentioning this person. It is already way too bad that he got paid by the state for not being competent. The social service guy (and the social service) FAILED.

The community. Apparently there was NOT ONE PERSON amongst the boy’s school mates and other friends, relatives, the parents’ friends, neighbors etc who, through the years really cared for this child and had a good chat with him.  The community FAILED.

BRAVO. We have a lonely kid who couldn’t talk about his problems with anyone for a way too long time, because all the people around him were incompetent and/or didn’t really care – so now of course, we have to punish him for that!

Instead of treating this young boy as a sentient and intelligent human being and trying to talk with him as such, about what he really wants to do, what are his interests, what is the exact problem he is trying to resolve by escaping into the computer, etc (which would be the only constructive solution), let’s treat him as a soulless and stupid animal: using mere authority (law, court decision) and physical force, incarcerate him, investigate his brain functions (just how they do it with rats), then let’s come up with the “obvious” finding that yes, he suffers from extended computer addiction, categorized under the catalogue number of ……, let’s give him a case number and a good dose of any of those drugs that will “help to correct the chemical imbalance in his brain” and which drugs very often have suicidal side effects, and that is for real and not just threatening with it.

For this is what lies behind the revered terms “special care”, “expert care”, “special attention” etc, in context with mental health.

Time to wake up, Sweden, if you want to have future generations.

ps: oh, the human rights aspects of involuntary commitment should be also mentioned…

ps 2: we don’t know from the news story what was the kid doing on the computer: downloading pirate stuff, watching movies, and so on, no hint. Who knows, maybe he was educating himself about computers, to become a programmer…

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Cancer research: forward or backward?

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Who benefits really from the official cancer research efforts? Most probably not the patients. Since I’ve gone through a cancer, I am studying the subject from various sources available for the public, and sometimes I find astonishing facts they don’t talk about.

“Fight cancer”, “Beat cancer” are very popular expressions these days, and it is good so. Although October, the Breast Cancer Awareness Month is over, one can see many people wearing pink ribbons on their jackets, which is a demonstration of their will to help those women who suffer from this disease. And this is very much appreciated and should be acknowledged. Fundraising and information events, websites, donations, merchandise, advertisements all over the media, groups on social networking sites, individuals spreading the word – attention is certainly given to the subject and considerable amount of money is collected to fund cancer researches. In Stockholm, they had a beautiful demonstration with candles for the cause.

However, looking a little bit closer, I personally have some questions, doubts and reservations about these research programs and might be a bad person, but I didn’t donate one single cent and not intend to do so. Tell you why.

Fight. A key word when talking about cancer.

How do you best fight so that you win? You know your enemy.

A problem – any problem can be only handled if one knows the exact cause of it. This should be clear – how else do you solve a situation, if you don’t know what is it exactly?

In the case of (breast) cancer, it looks like this: each year $ millions are spent to find out the causes of cancer AND more importantly, develop new treatments. Let me suggest: treatments can be only effective when they target the root of the problem…

“The exact causes of breast cancer are not known.” In fact, according to the publicly available statements, causes of cancer are a mystery for the medical profession.

The theory of changed or damaged genes is wide spread, and this video gives a little hint on why does it occur:

“Damage or change in the genetic material of cells by environmental of internal factors sometimes results in cells that do not die and continue to multiply until a massive cancer cell or tumor develops.”

Excellent. The next step would be then to investigate these environmental or internal factors that damage or change the genetic material of cells, wouldn’t it?

The environmental factors are pretty much known for the scientists and for the public: bad nutrition, tobacco, certain chemicals that we use, etc.

Cancer research should go then in the direction of eliminating these factors: educating the population on correct eating habits, cutting back the use of harmful chemicals, and so on.

And cancer treatment would primarily consist of targeting the cause of cancer, the reason why those genes got changed or damaged: increasing certain vitamins and other nutrition supplements, cleansing and physical exercise that helps the body push out the accumulated toxins, boosting the body’s own self defense, the immune system and so on.

But this is not how it goes. Cancer researches deal mostly with developing the standard therapies by official medicine: new drugs, radiation, hormones and surgery.

And cancer treatments available in hospitals are mainly about giving chemotherapy and such to the patients. Can you see how adding extra chemicals into the already overwhelmed and weakened system would help the body to recover? I can’t.

So why then chemotherapy is a preferred and highly promoted method, when it has very many known harmful side effects?

The answer is easy: pharmaceutical companies have vast interests in introducing and marketing drugs.

As Clinical Study Results.Org openly admits: “Clinical studies designed for approval of a new drug are sponsored primarily by pharmaceutical and biotech companies.” Surprise, surprise!

One can predict the outcome of a clinical study on breast cancer treatment, if more than one-fifth of the Swedish Cancer Society researches are financed by Pfizer – can you guess from what pharma company will they recommend medicine to the patients? (see Pfizer Hid Evidence That HRT Causes Cancer via

Another suggested treatment is hormonal therapy. About that, only one word: “Hormonal therapy can cause a variety of side effects including: Increased risk for cancer of the uterus” – from the information video on the National Breast Cancer.Org site.

Pardon me??? Treating one cancer by increasing the risk for another one??? Someone must be kidding here and it’s a very ugly joke.

Same for radiation therapy.

So what’s the solution? To invest more money in research?

The above mentioned Swedish Cancer Society (Cancerfonden) held a nice event last Saturday in Stockholm where people bought ten thousand candles or so and contributed to the funding. This organization alone has a target to spend more then 400 million SEK each year on research.

That’s a nice sum of money ($57M approx. and it’s only in one country), one can imagine to do great things with it. I wonder though why does cancer research need so much money to find out for example that tobacco or alcohol is not good for your health and there are certain vitamins that are vital for the normal operation of cells, when this has been already known for a good while.

I am more inclined to listen to what the so-called alternative methods recommend, because I believe that by well-balanced nutrition with supplements if needed and a general good care of the body physically and mentally, one does not need to be afraid of even such a threatening disease as cancer.

Therefore I intentionally didn’t link to sites of alternative practices, natural remedies, viewpoints or products, only referred to the information provided by the standard medicine, which is adopted and promoted by governments of the developed countries.

Well, look at the facts and the controversies they are giving and make up your own mind about it.

In the next round, I will share a few personal experiences that might help others as well – I am a cancer survival myself, so I put quite some effort to find out what works and what doesn’t.

And I do like that Stockholm Central Station got some nice pink color:

Photo: Stockholm Central Station in pink, for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October 2009

— Text and photos: Andrea Gerak


Former fundraising chief of Cancerfonden jailed for fraud (embezzlement of 2.5 million SEK from this society and 5.2 million from the Red Cross)

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