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Unstuck from Stockholm

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

That’s how my blog should be called now.

Tack everybody who visited this blog since the last time I was around!

In the summer of 2012, I decided to take a break from Sverige for a while and do one thing that I have always loved to do: travel!

Quick rewind:

On Lucia Day of 2005, I stepped on Swedish soil with my then-husband, after spending a year in England where we have met. More about it: My Sweden anniversary

And exactly 7 years later, on the 13th of December 2012, I packed all my stuff and sat on a 40-ton truck, waving bye to cold Scandinavia for some time.

Yes, I traveled from Stockholm back home to my parents in Hungary with a huge truck, which was quite an adventure! More a little bit later, as soon as I find the photos.

This is what I left, the last location where I lived for one year, on Faringso Island, just outside of Stockholm – isn’t it a fairy tale?:

Don't ask what the world needs

And this is where I am staying right now, a before sunrise view from my hostel window in Prague:

Loving it!

Hejsan from Central Europe: I am sooooo much happier now, living in this part of the world, out of a suitcase, moving around mainly in my Bermuda Triangle of Hungary-Austria-Czech Republic.

But probably I will come back here every now and then, because I still have tons of material from my Stockholm and Sweden experiences – and because I do go back to Sverige!

Funny enough, just the last year I had two trips to Sweden and I enjoyed them a lot!!

Now I can’t wait to go back there again… This is what is called a love-hate relationship, isn’t it? :-)

Thanks for reading, Hej då by now, and if you want to follow my traveling adventures, there is much more now on here: Live and Travel Your Life

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Thursday, September 6th, 2012

On Sunday a very non-Swedish thing happened in Viking Land: a party.

Our new neighbors threw a house warming party right next day after moving in. The usual story: ageing Swede got a beautiful young lady from Thailand. While this in itself, why it is a usual story for Swedish men to export women into a country where there are probably more single gals than anywhere else, would deserve a full essay, here I only wanna give you a little impression of how to let your hair down when you have a small, international crowd.


First of all, there was food, drink, food and drink. Mike, a Libanese man around 60, made sure that everyone’s plates and glasses were full, at all times. He himself mostly drank of the bottles: simply pouring the wine down his throat, without swallowing.

Then there was MUSIC. That’s quite something, for in the past one year since I am at this place, I heard music in the area maybe 10 times only. Of which 4 was some organized event on the next islands.

Here we had a couple of CDs from Dubai: Arabic music with modern touch. Actually I did like the one with 4 gay male singers, they sounded 100x more masculine then most of the straight boy bands of Western pop music…

So we had Arabic music from a JVC ghetto blaster, gotta hear Bedouine songs at the table performed by Mike who didn’t only have a huge potbelly but a great voice as well, we watched and learned a little belly dancing from a Libanese girl, a traditional dance from the Syrian-Turkish border from a guy from Syria, and of course I did a song or two – Hungarian folk songs from Slovakia which they loved.

Yeah, we had also a bit of bottle dance, which is normal for Hungarian female folk dancers except that this wine bottle was very narrow and tall, almost full.

All of us had a wonderful time – maybe except for the belly dancer’s gorgeous daughter who would rather hide in a car and read a book. For me personally (beside seeing how my little songs that no-one understood a word of, were touching hearts), the most wonderful experience was to see my landlord, his wife, brother and his wife, all four hearing impaired, having great fun, enjoying the music, the live songs, and dancing crazy! They have been saying all the time (perhaps in their entire life?), that they prefer to associate with deaf people, because of the barriers in communication with others.

Well, it seems that sometimes it’s much easier to jump over some borders, whether they be physical or only in one’s mind – I hope you don’t mind me getting slightly philosophical, even about a party :-)

Ps: yes, I do perform as a singer or dancer for private, corporate, community etc events, find out more on my website

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Dagmar’s visit

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

The storm Dagmar was very lovely to pay us a visit at Christmas. Can’t say that Swedish ladies are not friendly :-p

She was a strong one, it didn’t only leave houses in the North and West without power, but also here, a little bit outside of Stockholm… Just saying, in case you have not heard this from other news.

And as everything in my little stuga here in Viking Land runs on electricity, it was quite an adventure without heating, light, hot water, cooking or even boiling water…
Long live candle lights! Now that’s romantic, isn’t it?

To have some tea at all yesterday morning, I went over to the neighbors, to the ones I found home – it was anyway time for me to do a little introduction.

Opposed to where I was living for 4 years (in a big apartment house) where the only neighbors who returned my hello at all were foreign people and my only contact with the next door Swedes had to be to ask them at 2am on on weekdays to turn the blasting party volume down, and for one year in a villa area where the immediate neighbor would not return my hello or say anything to me at all when we met just outside the door – here this Swedish man and his lovely wife invited me for a coffee while my tea water was boiling on their fire stove, offered me to come over any time if there is a problem with the electricity or something so that I wouldn’t freeze, and we had a very nice chat.

Tack, Dagmar! You can go now.

And tack Thor & Kompaniet that the winter has been especially mild so far. And now this gorgeous sunshine – oh, wonderful!

Mellandagsrea for companies, here on my blog

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God Jul!

Monday, December 26th, 2011

My Christmas greetings to you

And some photos that I haven’t posted here (and can’t now, my laptop’s battery is dying and we have no electricity since last night’s storm…): First snow

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My Sweden Anniversary – part 1

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

(wrote it last night)

After coming home from a nice Lucia party with a few friends (and getting over the sugar shock), I lit some candles and made a cup of white tea with vanilla: celebrating my Sweden Anniversary. On this day, the 13th of December 2005, I came to Stockholm from England, with my then-husband, a Swedish man.

We had Ł0.91 (yes, 91 Pennies) in our pocket, altogether.

Now it’s a good moment to take a look at where am I at these days.

It just hit me: I love my little country Hungary, and no matter what is the political or economical situation, I always feel fantastic there… Then I lived in Austria for a year, in Switzerland for 3 years, in Germany for a few months and in England for a year – and somehow I spent the most time so far in the country that I disliked the most…

It’s a very beautiful country and I love all the gorgeous stuff here, but the cultural shock was so heavy for my rather hot blooded Central European spirit that I could hardly bear it, I was miserable, frustrated, sometimes would even cry, and whenever I could, I would escape back home to my little homeland, the longer, the better…

I didn’t really promoted this broadly, I was trying to show the nicer sides of my Sweden experience, in my Stockholm photo blog.

Till this summer, when certain events happened in my life that led to a few dramatic changes around me. And voila, now I like to live here…

There are several factors that have caused my attitude change to the point where I now even enjoy the harsh weather out here in the countryside. And it is definitely worth to analyze them a bit, it’s always good to know what are one’s successful actions. I might put them down too, another time. One thing for sure: I got back my eagerness to study about life and how it works, and I am trying to apply what I am learning.

The inventory for these past 6 years:

– I had a husband I don’t have any more,

– my son reached legal age,

– I was in love with a few men for some periods of time, and these stories were fantastic for me to learn better about what kind of relationship I don’t want and what do I really want,

– lost quite a few friends who “have loved and admired me so much”, some of them for long years, and some of them fellow artists – then they simply turned their backs on me when they found out that my religious beliefs were not the same any more as theirs,

– got new friends who are amazing, helping me in various things and I can help them, we can do fun and creative stuff together,

– after I have done it so many times at other places, I restarted my life 4 times within these 6 years: first together with my husband, second time after the divorce, a single mom with no money, no place to live, no job, no benefits from the state, no bank loans or credit card, and with a high school boy to feed; the third time when I moved back to Budapest and now again here in Stockholm…(and who knows how many more places will I live at, there are so many great ones on Earth…)


have to continue at another time, now it’s really late, my eyes are closing…

God natt!

Cozy at home.  Photo: Andrea Gerak

Cozy at home. Photo: Andrea Gerak

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Back in town

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Never a Mistake

Read the story

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Back in Stockholm

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Just for a short time – it’s so much different to be here when I don’t have to… Actually, I was even looking forward to come back!

Stockholm is still gorgeous, and it’s very nice to meet my son and some friends.

The only thing is that I arrived from lively, buzzing Budapest, crowd everywhere even at night, with real spring since two weeks or so (wonderful sunshine, 15-20 degrees and a bit above, except for 2 or 3 days, finally we could walk in sleeveless tops and sandals, ohh! wonderful) – and here snow!!!, fog, rain, grey, dull, cold, depressing gloom, much more empty and lifeless streets, and sniffing in the metro…

Anyway, I try to enjoy my time – and keep asking myself why the heck didn’t I bring my winter boots :-(

Okay, on a more positive note: I can’t really have coffee but I used to love 7Eleven’s cappuccino, maybe I’ll have one, just for the taste – I’m sure there are better coffees than that, but it belonged to my long photo walks years ago, before my cancer surgery (coffee makes the body very acidic, which is a key factor in developing cancer, as I learned it).

And yes, some nice salmon and such, mmm…

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Quick greetz

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Hejsan, just a quick greeting from Budapest where we had a wonderfully nice SPRING weekend (sunshine, 10+ Celsius… – I guess for my B-Day :-)

A poem that I wrote, as a gift to myself – and to you, enjoy:
I belong (this is on my website and if it doesn’t work for maintenance reasons, you find it also on Blogger: I Belong, in Andrea’s Stories)

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Here is the music

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Following from my previous post Where is the music?, a quick hello from Budapest, I am here since a few weeks.

Besides that the autumn only arrived a couple of days ago, until then it was t-shirt weather (bright sun and around 20 degrees – okay, it’unusual even here, but in Stockholm I needed my winter jacket two weeks before I came here…), so besides the much nicer physical climat, I prefer the cultural climat as well.

From beginning of October, I had more public performances in Hungary than in Sweden in the past whole year…

And before anyone would say that of course, because my music is way too country specific, let me also mention a concert at Brugges Festival in Belgium, where I was the singer of a nine-piece international orchestra from four countries.

In the evenings when I don’t have my own stuff to do, I run into the problem of which show should I see, because the selection is so great – and not where to go, because I don’t find anything interesting…

And booking, booking, booking – the number of concert venues, events, festivals, celebrations etc is just overwhelming, there is so many organizers to contact and so little time in a day, which was quite the way around in Sweden…

Well, so far, so good here :-)

BTW, the only request to perform in Sweden I got recently, with all my contacts there that I am still keeping was for a Christmas party, for free
And some weddings and such, where I should pay first to get the contact to the persons who want to book an artist, which seems to be a normal thing over there, kind of another Sweden Special (check out the tag for more of them).

What??? In wealthy Sweden??? If this is how artists are treated, no wonder that one needs to search with a magnifying glass to find where is the music…

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On Stockholm Pride

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

No, don’t expect photos of the Stockholm Pride from me which is the biggest event of these weeks here: I think that how and with whom one likes to make love (which is the most intimate thing there is) doesn’t belong to the streets and media in loud demonstrations…

The most beautiful thing, LOVE between 2 people, a private matter, becoming reduced to sex and is a public, political and business affair, a very fashionable, over-publicized topic.

This is just my personal opinion – and for an opinion like this, one is already considered homophobe here in Sweden and the media would tear apart a public person for such words and that is sick. Now it’s very good that I am not famous here 😀

But you are welcome to look around in my previous posts for some awesome pix on Stockholm by Andrea Gerak or on my Flickr, and enjoy this beautiful summer Sunday :-)

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