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On Stockholm Pride

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

No, don’t expect photos of the Stockholm Pride from me which is the biggest event of these weeks here: I think that how and with whom one likes to make love (which is the most intimate thing there is) doesn’t belong to the streets and media in loud demonstrations…

The most beautiful thing, LOVE between 2 people, a private matter, becoming reduced to sex and is a public, political and business affair, a very fashionable, over-publicized topic.

This is just my personal opinion – and for an opinion like this, one is already considered homophobe here in Sweden and the media would tear apart a public person for such words and that is sick. Now it’s very good that I am not famous here 😀

But you are welcome to look around in my previous posts for some awesome pix on Stockholm by Andrea Gerak or on my Flickr, and enjoy this beautiful summer Sunday :-)

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Lamborghinis and Batmobile for KISS

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

After AC/DC a few days ago, KISS is in Stockholm and Kool & the Gang too!. Yesterday the legendary boys with the masks met fans for a little party.

They stay at Grand Hotel, where a crowd of fans, seemingly VIPs, reporters and accidental passers by (like myself in this case) gathered, clicking their cameras industriously.

There was certainly a reason for all the flash lights: a couple of exclusive Lamborghinis (pronounce: lahm-bohr-ghee-nee, not with “gee“!!!) – AND a Batmobile!

Lambroghini for the KISS, by Andrea Gerak

Batmobil front, by Andrea Gerak

More photos (and a little pondering about how it was reported in a certain Swedish tabloid…)

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