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New religions

Friday, January 6th, 2012

After the first shock of reading this news about file sharing being officially recognized as a religion in Sweden, I was going to write a long ramble about it, but now I can say that it is fantastic!!!!

Because I can go now, gather my singer/musician colleagues, figure out some good-sounding name and a cool wording of our “act of worship of choice”, which would be something along the lines of playing music anytime and anywhere we feel like it (preferably where there are people: in shopping malls, stations, office buildings, hotel lobbies, restaurants, corporate meetings and conferences, in cinemas before the movie starts, between the walls of the City Hall or the Parliament, in front of the Royal Palace, or why not inside, in churches etc,) so that we can give others the chance to be entertained and their spirits lifted.

Ain’t it awesome? Sacred and holy, that is. Music.

And nobody could stop us from doing it, for practicing our religious belief and our freedom of expression are protected by our fundamental human rights and by Swedish law.


I don’t know how long the process would take, but while you are waiting for this new religion to be born and registered, you can book me for events and listen to my songs.

And if you like other art forms as well, enjoy my photography, poetry and other writings! (For those, I will need to figure out their respective religions a bit later)

May Polyhymnia, Euterpe and Terpsikhore bless you. And Photogenia too.

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