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Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Not about boys&girls, but the fruit.

On Monday evening, I bought a box of fresh dates in a big supermarket.  I like to have it for breakfast to my tea (I know, it’s not Swedish…)

Next morning took the first two, but had to spit them out, they were sour. Then I looked closer: some dates in the box did look strange and the whole thing smelled bad. No short date, should be good for a few more months.

So I took it back to the shop with the receipt in the afternoon, and at the customer service, they gave me back the money within 1 second.

A few hours later in the evening, after my errands in the city, I went back to do my shopping, and I did want to eat dates, so I went to the fridge. What did I see? On top of all the boxes, it was the very box I’ve given back… I recognized it immediately: it had another package than the most boxes, the box itself looked used, and I opened it: smelled bad, some of them looked strange, two dates were missing from the corner where I normally start a new box…

I am curious: what would you do: would you find somebody working there and tell them about the mistake, would you leave it there, with a mean smile about that somebody will soon buy it, would you stop other customers and show them what you found, or what?

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