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Drottningholm at twilight

Monday, October 29th, 2012

A quick trip to Drottningholm, the residence of King of Sweden.

A couple of days ago, on my way to town I got off the bus and walked back one stop to shoot a few pics – it was worth, wasn’t it? :-)

If you have time for a few more clicks, you can view them larger and have a breathtaking experience, enjoy! (On the photo’s page: Actions => View all sizes)

Drottningholm 2012Oct (19)

Drottningholm 2012Oct (17)

Drottningholm 2012Oct (14)

Drottningholm 2012Oct (15)

Drottningholm 2012Oct (7)

And if you visit Stockholm and you have 2 hours to kill, Drottningholm is a must see. To get there, you take the green metro line to Brommaplan (direction: Hasselby strand), and a number of buses go there, it’s only 3 stops.

Brought to you by Andrea’s Cash Machines – Pick Yours

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Your Dream Car?

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Last Friday evening I happened to walk on Sveavägen which is one of the main streets in Stockholm city. Think perhaps Champs Élysées in Paris or Ringstrasse in Vienna, Nagykörút (Grand Boulevard) in Budapest.

To my surprise, it was so much more alive than any other times I have been there – and that is one of the places where I am several times a week. First time since I have been here, this street looked like an ordinary weekday summer evening in one of those streets mentioned above. With the difference that here it was a special occasion.
I found out that on the last Friday of every month they have a cruise with great cars.

Not some super quality photos, took them with my phone, without flash, but you get the feeling.

This one is for parties on board, obviously:

Your dream car? (1) Photo: Andrea Gerak

Your dream car? (3) Photo: Andrea Gerak

Your dream car? (5) Photo: Andrea Gerak

Your dream car? (8) Photo: Andrea Gerak

I didn’t see them all, but maybe this Buick was my favorite:

Your dream car? (7) Photo: Andrea Gerak

And this cute nanny was just standing there on the road, watching them passing by…

Your dream car? (6) Photo: Andrea Gerak

I just noticed: it’s all red cars… On Saturday there will be another cruise, I should pass by and shoot some blue ones too – or silver, yellow, black, green.

I have never thought of what would be My Dream Car – but what is yours?

(Whatever it is, check out this and this – they will help you get Your Dream Car faster!)

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Cherry blossoms

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Well, I am a bit late with this one, have a lot to catch up with, but I hope you enjoy a few pics of the cherry trees in Kungsträdgarden (click to see them all):

Stockholm by Andrea Gerak: Cherry blossoms

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Sunset from Varberg

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Just found lots of photos from the past few years, on DVDs – or better to say: now I have a laptop that can handle DVDs, so I am happy about having an access to some of my precious darlings, like these ones:

Sunset from Varberg - 1. Photo: Andrea Gerak

Sunset from Varberg - 2. Photo: Andrea Gerak

They look better in a larger size

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Tomten är här – Santa is here

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

One more for today; here just quickly because it’s a lot of photos and I simply can’t do this double work.

And they anyway look much better in larger size than what I could put here.

Santa Claus Octopus

So please go over to my photo blog

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Flickr photo album – 2011 Stockholm

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

Shooting lots of photos in this beautiful weather…

My photo blog

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Photo pause

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

The worst thing that can happen with a photographer: being without a camera… My little one was stolen a few days ago here in Stockholm… Soooo many things are happening these days with the Stockholm Kulturfestival – but no photo reportage from my part, sorry :-( On Friday, I saw probably the best ever concert of my life with Esma Redzepova, but the camera of my phone didn’t really excel to catch the Legend Of The Balkans…

And last night it was the Midnattsloppet (Midnight Run)…

Well, while I get a new camera (next week I will be in Hungary and hopefully I’ll get another machine), enjoy my older pictures here :-)

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More Stockholm photos

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Hi everybody, thanks to all who are following my blog in some way! These weeks I have sooo many new photos that I just can’t keep up with uploading them, not to mention posting… Right now I am cleaning up my hard drive and uploading all my pics to Flickr so that I can work with them from there. In the meantime, have a visit over there! (and loadz of earlier ones in my Stockholm photo blog)

The beautiful summer weather is calling, too… :-)

Arsta Havsbad (Beach) - 1

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Lamborghinis and Batmobile for KISS

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

After AC/DC a few days ago, KISS is in Stockholm and Kool & the Gang too!. Yesterday the legendary boys with the masks met fans for a little party.

They stay at Grand Hotel, where a crowd of fans, seemingly VIPs, reporters and accidental passers by (like myself in this case) gathered, clicking their cameras industriously.

There was certainly a reason for all the flash lights: a couple of exclusive Lamborghinis (pronounce: lahm-bohr-ghee-nee, not with “gee“!!!) – AND a Batmobile!

Lambroghini for the KISS, by Andrea Gerak

Batmobil front, by Andrea Gerak

More photos (and a little pondering about how it was reported in a certain Swedish tabloid…)

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Elisabeth Kontomanou at Huddinge Jazz

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Since my 4 years I have spent in Sweden, one of my greatest experiences was this concert last Friday: Elisabeth Kontomanou at Huddinge Jazz Festival (Stockholm).

The internationally touring brilliant singer put an outstanding show on the stage, featuring her outstanding vocals conveyed with passion and communication, great stage presence, remarkable musicians and vocalists, songs that gave chills, tears or joy to the audience, making them clapping, tapping, singing along, laughing, or submerging deep in their thoughts and emotions, evoked by the melodies.

A very professional performance and very human in the same time; Elisabeth is a master of keeping contact with the audience in a lovely manner.

Have to mention how respectfully she treated her colleagues on stage: six of them being excellent young talents (three of them in fact her sons!), and despite of that we could witness a few first time performances, such as the opening song, each performer did a great job. Apparently all of them on the stage enjoyed every minute of the show, just as did the audience.

Lead Vocals : Elisabeth Kontomanou
Drums : Donald Kontomanou
Bass : Lars Ekman
Piano : Pelle Karlström
Guitar : Erik Söderlind
Guitar : Joey Belmondo
Backing Vocals : Pixie Jakobsson
Backing Vocals : Christine Sundberg
Special Guest : Gustav Karlström

To get a little taste, open Elisabeth Kontomanu’s MySpace and play the songs while looking at the photos.

Elisabeth Kontomanou at Huddinge Jazz 2010. Photo: Andrea Gerak

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