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Turn the light down, please

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Now when it is starting to get dark almost around 3pm already, it is time to turn the lights a bit down. Logical, eller hur?

I live now a bit outside of Stockholm, and that means walking 2 kilometers from the bus in the night. Which I love, so far.

Except for one thing: whenever a car comes from the other direction, it has full beam on. Which is okay if you are on a country road or highway, but here, along this 2km road, there are a good couple of houses, people walk home from the bus, some even would use it as a jogging route, or to walk the dog, so it is a populated area where one should use dimmed headlights.

At least this is what I know from when I was learning to drive, back in Hungary. Is the rule different here in Sweden? You are supposed to drive with a full beam amongst houses, blinding all those in front of your car?

What is more: this is a winding road, and what I also learned about driving when I was 10 (of course, as a passenger) is that you dim the headlight before you turn in a bend, because you can’t see who or what is coming toward you, and you don’t want to blind the other driver or biker, walker. Made perfectly sense for me, a kid. Who on Earth would want to be in front of a driver who can’t see?

So my question is to Swedish drivers: isn’t it so according to the driving rules you have to learn here in Sweden that you must dim the headlight in these cases???

And if it is not written in the rules for whatever reason, so people actually don’t have to learn it and keep it (just as there are some other weird driving regulations here, like for example one is allowed to hold the mobile phone in the hand while driving), can’t drivers figure this out for themselves?

Okay, I have to acknowledge those 4 drivers in the past 6 weeks who did dim the headlight when they saw there was somebody walking in front of them, holding her hand close to her eyes so as to make a shade. Honestly tack!

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