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Winter on the lake – 2

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

After being a bit sick and dealing with a lot of other stuff, back here with my blogs.

A little more snow & ice, before it goes away – but March in Sweden doesn’t mean spring, it is normally end of April when I put away my winter coat…

Continuing from last time when I showed you one of my favorite hiding places by the lake (this is from my Nature photo blog), now we actually go out to the open “water”:


Some more gorgeous pictures, if you click on this one.

This is definitely one thing to do around Stockholm in the winter: walk on the frozen lakes – and even better, if you have a pair of skates…

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Bus trip to Björkvik – 1

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

It was such a gorgeous, sunny Sunday, although cold and also windy at times.

Originally, I thought I would go out to the Archipelago ang get some sea breeze, but instead I decided to take a shorter trip only and discover Viking Land a bit more.

So now I went all the way to the farthest tip of Färingsö island, to Björkvik. By the way, in Sweden there are 57 settlements with this name… you can identify this one by that it belongs to Ekerö municipality.

It’s a nice trip if you want to see more of the Stockholm area than just the city. Take the blue bus 176 from Brommaplan to the end station Stenhamra Solsidan, then change to the red 317. That one doesn’t have a busy schedule to say the least, but if you have no luck with catching a connection, you can walk one or two (or more…) stops, instead of waiting.

A good couple of pictures in my photo blog, click on this one:

Bus trip to Björkvik, winter (46)

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Winter on the lake – 1

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Oh yay, winter is here. there is a lot of fuzz about the weather in the media, chaos, havoc and all that reported – I would assume that the temperature and snow which is not even strange for Central Europe, shouldn’t be a problem in Scandinavia, and the public transport companies and so on should be well prepared to handle it, but it is apparently not so.

Or perhaps it is  only such a big deal according to the media – weather is always a good subject. Here, on one of the islands of Mälaren, I only experienced any problem on Friday early evening, when I had to wait 1 hour for the bus from Brommaplan.

Anyway, why not enjoy Winter Wonderland, if it’s here?

Friday was one very cold but gorgeous day out here in Viking Land. I simply had to go out to my hiding place by the lake.

On the way:



At the lake:

WInter on the lake - 15

More pics

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Saturday morning

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

I was watching the horses from the window, while listening to a few of my friends on All Aboard The Blues, (Vol.1) CD. Perfect!

Click on the link above to hear song samples while you are looking at the photos; you can hear some of the most splendid, Stockholm based international blues musicians: Big Walker, James Bradley Jr, Jair-Rohm Parker Wells or Brian Kramer.) Click on the photos to view them larger.

Viking Land, Horse, Winter 003

Viking Land, Horse, Winter 004

Viking Land, Horse, Winter 005

Viking Land, Horse, Winter 008

Viking Land, Horse, Winter 006

Have a great weekend!

More Music:                       More Winter:                   More Viking Land:
Elisabeth Kontomanou at Huddinge Jazz 2010 - 6 Vasa museum, Stockholm Autumn morning - #1

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