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Tomten är här – Santa is here

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

One more for today; here just quickly because it’s a lot of photos and I simply can’t do this double work.

And they anyway look much better in larger size than what I could put here.

Santa Claus Octopus

So please go over to my photo blog

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Don’t worry kid, we’ll only break you, for your own sake!

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

There is a debate here around an article on a 16-year-old boy who was decided upon to an involuntary commitment (“tvångsvård”): Swedish teen sectioned over computer addiction

Shortly put: Växjö administration decided to take the kid in an “investigation home” (utredningshem – what’s the English word for that?) from home where he was sitting by the computer all the time and (dig this!) didn’t go to school for 3 years and was threatening with suicide if he had to leave the computer, according to the Sydöstran.

One user asks me: “what will happen if the kommun does nothing?”

Wait a little, let’s take it in order. Let’s see first what is happening at all.

1. What is the exact problem they are trying to solve?

That the boy won’t commit suicide? Then the correct solution is to take him away from the computer, right? Oh my, how ingenious!!!

That he goes to school? Why don’t they take him there then? Would be too simple…

That he stands up from the computer and does other things in life as well? Well, there is a reason (or there are several reasons) why he is not interested in other things in life, and to find out those by truly communicating with him, he doesn’t need to be taken away from his comfy environment to some freaking “utredningshem”. It would only take some competent person who understands a teenager of that age and knows how to speak with them.

“Computer addiction” is NOT a mental disease – if they want to study him for that. (The term “mental disease” is as big a bullocks as scientific it sounds, but don’t let me start on that topic right now, read this one, for example, about one of the greatest fraud of the past centuries, used by psychiatry) And unfortunately, this is what they will do with the boy…

2. After ALL the adults failed to do their jobs in the story, now they torture the kid. Bravo!!!

The parents, as another commenter also put it: “were not reared in the right way, so how could they pass good morals, ethics, behaviors to their children! God help this society and the next generation!” The parents FAILED.

The kid’s school. Do they have ANY responsibility for their student? Letting him to skip school for 3 YEARS??? All those teachers, the director, social worker or what have you, proved greatly incompetent, if they couldn’t achieve with the kid that he would go to school. Their diplomas (if they have any) should be investigated. The school FAILED.

The school system. EVERY child is interested to learn new things, the young school kids are very eager to go to school and enthusiastic to improve every day. If this gets lost by the time a child reaches his teens, and the school can’t show anything that would be interesting to a young person, and the kid can’t see anymore why is it good for him to go to school, that school system, it’s subjects and methods suck, big time. This guy probably would have been much better off with home schooling, specialized on his course of interests, focusing on his purpose of what he wants to do in life, than having to sit in a course room and learning things he most probably will never ever use in his entire life – just because of the that’s the way schooling is supposed to be done, period! attitude and rules. School system FAILED.

The social service worker who was appointed last year to help the family with this issue. Not even worth the time spent on mentioning this person. It is already way too bad that he got paid by the state for not being competent. The social service guy (and the social service) FAILED.

The community. Apparently there was NOT ONE PERSON amongst the boy’s school mates and other friends, relatives, the parents’ friends, neighbors etc who, through the years really cared for this child and had a good chat with him.  The community FAILED.

BRAVO. We have a lonely kid who couldn’t talk about his problems with anyone for a way too long time, because all the people around him were incompetent and/or didn’t really care – so now of course, we have to punish him for that!

Instead of treating this young boy as a sentient and intelligent human being and trying to talk with him as such, about what he really wants to do, what are his interests, what is the exact problem he is trying to resolve by escaping into the computer, etc (which would be the only constructive solution), let’s treat him as a soulless and stupid animal: using mere authority (law, court decision) and physical force, incarcerate him, investigate his brain functions (just how they do it with rats), then let’s come up with the “obvious” finding that yes, he suffers from extended computer addiction, categorized under the catalogue number of ……, let’s give him a case number and a good dose of any of those drugs that will “help to correct the chemical imbalance in his brain” and which drugs very often have suicidal side effects, and that is for real and not just threatening with it.

For this is what lies behind the revered terms “special care”, “expert care”, “special attention” etc, in context with mental health.

Time to wake up, Sweden, if you want to have future generations.

ps: oh, the human rights aspects of involuntary commitment should be also mentioned…

ps 2: we don’t know from the news story what was the kid doing on the computer: downloading pirate stuff, watching movies, and so on, no hint. Who knows, maybe he was educating himself about computers, to become a programmer…

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My daughters

Monday, April 19th, 2010

I guess if I had a daughter or two, we would be good girlfriends. But as I don’t have any, I can have as many as I want to.

In the last 4 days, I met 7 young girls for the first time, and I was so happy to see that only a couple of minutes talking with them made a positive difference in their lives – I hope so.

On Thursday afternoon two girls with angel voices were sitting on the corner of Stadsmission at Stortorget, strumming their guitars. I (along with a couple tourists) was listening to them for a while, it was beautiful! They were not busking, just trying out some songs. But I saw that people wanted to give them money. I went to them and we had a little singer chat. They were 14, and had a dream to perform, to be famous artists. I acknowledged them for their beautiful singing and playing, and suggested to put out one guitar case so that people can throw money on it, as they were anyway sitting there, to start with. After 45 minutes or so, I run into them again somewhere else and they told me very happily how much money they have made :-)

On Saturday evening I bumped into other two girls, they were just over twenty. One of them sings soul, gospel and such with a choir, we had a little talk. As they had nothing special to to, were simply hanging around in Stockholm city (and actually wanted to go to 7Eleven, as a Saturday night program, ouch!!!), I took them to a pub with a blues jam session (Santa Clara in Gamla stan). Oh, great music, and they had such a great time, we were even dancing together – and she did have a good voice :-)

Yesterday evening I was at a shop entrance where 3 young girls were standing around, waiting for the rain to decide whether or not it will be on. About the age of my son, 17-ish. One of them was smoking and shaking from the cold, oh my! I asked them why didn’t they go inside somewhere so that she won’t freeze to death? They found this funny, so I went on with this voice (I am 200% against smoking, especially for young girls, but didn’t want to mention anything about that, not good to appear as a smart-ass adult.) I asked them to keep an eye on my shopping bag for a second, so that I could run to catch a moment with my camera, etc.

Sergels torg at sunset

And then the one who was smoking, finished her cigarette and started spitting. (Now, that will be Super Yuck Part 2, if you have read Part 1…) So I started acting a bit, stared at her with great astonishment: “Uhhh, what was THAT???” They found this funny again, they were giggling at anything I was saying from that on, and I indeed acted as in a comedy, to express how disgusting spitting is, and why beautiful young girls shouldn’t do that.

Well, artists are “crazy folks”, and I am a foreigner in Sweden, so I could afford a little theater show :-)

Actually, I was setting up my stage there in that shop entry – don’t get shocked, folks, but still today, I go out often and do a some busking… One fantastic good way to practice, get gigs, new fans and friends, feedback in my guestbook, promote my stuff in one go – and I even get paid for all this :-))

Anyway, I started singing, and before they hit Burger King or some other place, the three girls knelt down to my guestbook, giggling, and wrote me this:

“We will stop spitting now :-) We are girls and it is not “nice”. Thank you. & your voice is really beautiful :-)
Emma, Jessica and Frida”

Isn’t this awesome?

Today is Emma’s Day in Hungary (name days are big in my country, sometimes bigger than birthdays, which gives us, Hungarians lots of extra occasions to celebrate – Swedes and other nations, you miss out on something :-)), and that makes me think that I am the daughter and grand-daughter of two Emmas: my mother and her late mother…

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