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Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Pray for me, I’m married to a Swede. This is a t-shirt I once saw at a Swedish Christmas Fair. Sometimes this can be the case and sometimes, not so much. There are many blogs about non-Swedes married to Swedes living in Sweden. Min Fru and I live in sunny Southern California and are some day, moving to Sweden for a couple years or however long that may be. I am writing this blog with non-Swedes view, married to a Swede, living abroad. Making sense yet? I am sure it will soon. My wife is actually a “Hollywood Housewife” (as in the Swedish TV show); except for the million dollar home and the plastic surgery.

Living in Southern California is not always Lagom, but we are lucky to be surrounded by many Swedes. No, we do not hang out with Anna Anka or even Paul Anka, but we did celebrate the Swedish National Day with Maud Adams at the Norwegian church this past Sunday. Ok, she was serving food with SWEA, but we are still lucky to be surrounded by so many Swedes. Every year, half my in laws (the other half lives in Sweden) visit here in California, you’d think we were at an Allsang pa Skansen concert. I’m just saying, there are a lot of Swedes here. I don’t think we’d find this in Nebraska.

As I write my first entry into my blogom, our bags are packed for our two-week trip to Sweden. We will be attending the Royal Wedding in a week. Ok, so we do not have an actual invitation, but we have a really long lens on our Nikon camera and a Royal crazy wife. I imagine we may “accidently” bump into Daniel and Victoria along the way. I will be blogging from my wife’s motherland shortly. For now, hejda!

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