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The Royal Wedding Still Lingers:Part 1

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

As Autumn starts begins to settle in Sweden, the Summer of Love, 2010 in Stockholm still lingers. Crown Princess and now just Prince Daniel (no last name) are settled into married life and the hoopla of the royal wedding is long gone, but oh does it linger in out minds and hearts. Well, not so much for us Americans, most of us simply do not understand the whole monarchy thing. For me, at least the Swedish royal family is a pretty good representation of  royalists(wink, wink England). Then again, I am sure Swedes do not understand  us Americans making people like Brad and Angleina American royalty or that we name basketball player LeBron James a King.

My experience in the royal mania began smack down in the middle of den of royalists. The night before the big wedding, the wife and I had dinner with about 20 of our closest friends in Stockholm. We took a walk around the area where the royal couple would be giving the world the first royal wave and we also were scouting our spot in front of the palace for the next day. Our large group of Swedes ended up at the Grand Hotel for fika of course and we hit the mother load of royalty. Mind you, we planned our trip to Sweden to visit family, friends around this big wedding. My Swedish wife reads all the royal magazines, we bought a special long range lens for our Nikon camera, so letting the royal crazy wife loose in the Grand Hotel could be a disaster for trouble. Most of us sat and had our fika as the royals came through the lobby, after the big concert. They were all done up in their gowns and suits and they were all grabbing a different fika in the bar. Security was tight in the Grand this night and I was not about to let the wife near the camera. Instead, she led a band of other royal crazy friends of ours outside, as one by one they all arrived. She hit the royal jackpot that night at the Grand Hotel and my wife had one of the best nights she has ever had, as Europe’s royalty paraded past her gaze. Now, if Bono or Springsteen walked passed me, I’d feel as she did. Still, it was Grand night at the Grand hotel and the hot cocoa I ordered, was quite Grand as well.

Yes, a very Grand night in Stockholm. Yes, I am done with using the word Grand! Next blogom, will be our pursuit of the best royal wedding picture. It was not pretty behind the camera.

To be continued…

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Finally on the Local

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

If you read my first blog, first of all, tack, tack! I had a little trouble getting my blog up on the Local for some reason. It’s a few months old, but there will be more. I am sure there are no Swedes reading this anyway. They are all still on vacation or at an election rally.

More blogoms to come.


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