The journal of language rookie Patrick Reilly

Day 27 – Where Did It Go?

After the breakthrough of last week the first few days of class have been a bit of a struggle. Over the weekend I indulged in more Swedish guilty TV pleasures (‘Så ska det låta’ och ‘Svenska Hollywoodfruar’) hoping that the immersion would continue. It hasn’t at least not that I’m aware of. I’m up to speed with the shopping habits of spoilt brats in California but my Swedish hasn’t improved. Jag är ledsen :(

Perhaps it was expecting a bit much that I could  just start nailing everything correctly on my return to the classroom. Things aren’t flowing the way they were a week ago but on the positive side my reluctance to speak remains a thing of the past. Even started to initiate conversation with Mrs Swedetalker’s auld lad in svenska, who chides me for my dialect, which is a bit rich coming from him. Today we had a chinwag about his booze cruise to Germany next week and whether I can squeeze into his jeep for the adventure with some of his pals. As it doesn’t fall on a school day chances are I’ll tag along for the ride which will also give me an opportunity to practice my limited Swedish with some proper Skåninger. With a bit of luck the billigt öl från Tyskland will loosen up the vocal chords although I’ll spare you all my singing voice.

Bring on tomorrow!

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