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Security issue on the local forum.

Find any members email address out.

Ivor stephé
post 20.Nov.2013, 12:45 PM
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Dear The Local,
After being stalked on the local, by a member who has had multiple user names (Johno, Hallander) to name a few. They mentioned in a thread that he knew my email address and were actively stalking me.

Having checked my email, I found that I had been sent an automatic email response from The Local telling me someone had attempted a password reset. Since I had not done this, and it was consistent with the stalking of the above member.
I realised that if a person goes to :

And enters a users "nick" or "handle", that it then tells the user which email address they have sent the details to. So that anyone on here can both stalk users and obtain email addresses of forum users without their consent.

Please take the appropriate action.
As this is a serious security breach, and allows members to break swedish and EU privacy laws.
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post 20.Nov.2013, 12:57 PM
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That is true. I just tested it and it works. TL, you need to get this sorted.

To everyone else, this is why it is good to use an anonymous email address (which one can obtain from google or hotmail for example) to ensure your security when using a forum such as this. This means that should anyone try to find out any information about you, even if they discover this address, they are unlikely to be able to glean any more information about you than that.

You can also create as many accounts as you like so once TL has changed this feature, it many be an idea for anyone bothered by this to set up a new mail account, deactivate their old one and change their registered address.
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post 20.Nov.2013, 01:12 PM
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Just shows our new boy is not as clever as he thought. I posted about this a while back. And I explained why I started using a reserve sign on, though our new boy does not believe me. And that my old handle has been taken by another.

But when Ivortwat starts accusing folks of hiding their identities and stalking they fight back. Multiple to me is more than 2. Details of his idiotic claims on the mobile phone thread. And note I did not post his full email address there or say there how to find it out.
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The Local
post 20.Nov.2013, 01:25 PM
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Thanks Ivor, for bringing this to our attention.

You're right, this was quite a problem.

It has now been fixed.
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post 20.Nov.2013, 01:42 PM
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They are right. It has sleep.gif But bet it hasn't taught Ivorsmartypants anything !

ps I will start using my old handle if and when I get it back, and Hallander will then go back to reserve.
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