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Do not buy anything from BO-CONCEPT furniture

Bo concept provides bad customer service

post 10.May.2010, 03:57 PM
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My husband and myself have bought a new bed and round table in Sweden . We decided to buy the bed and table from Bo-concept as we like your design and am willing to pay the Higher than normal prices a bed/coffee table would have costs in table.

However, BO-Concept have given us repeated problems following our purchase

1) The delivery dates of our bed was delay another week followed the agreed week. We waited from End Feb till May for our bed to be ready.

2) When we were ready to collect our dates, we went to the branch at Barkarby _sweden and was told there was a mistake and our bed is not ready for yet another day.
If i may further comment, we have wasted another road trip because of the misinformation your staff have provided us.

3) When we started to assemble our bed, we found out the headboard that we bought were of the wrong type.
The staff have given us the wrong order and wrong product.
When we called your customer service Sweden , we were told it was OUR FAULT to have accepted and sign off the invoice despite being given the wrong product? It turned out it is our fault as CUSTOMER and it is not the the mistake your ewho mployee made while not being careful at the job they are supposed to do.

May i know as a customer who doestnt know about product codes and not familiar with your company items numbers, how would we know the wrong headboard is given to us on the invoice and upon receipt of the product as we didnt open the box?

We called the customer service in Sweden KIM Andersson, , however, no satisfactory help is rendered!. We were told first we have to wait till July before we could get the correct Headboard that was meant for our bed and if not, we have to TOP UP a couple of thousands SEK for another one which is higher than what we intended to buy.

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post 10.May.2010, 04:12 PM
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I can fully understand your frustration.

But for your sake and maybe a better Bo Concept response it may be a good idea to look over this letter and try and correct any mistakes.

Also try and contact Bo Concepts main EU office and also check your credit card rules as you may be covered.

This is meant as a nice response and not troll post.
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post 10.May.2010, 08:43 PM
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I'm not an advocate of being rude to people, but in your situation, I would be sorely tempted to confront the people responible and give them a verbal bashing, using swear words very sparsely, so that you don't come across as a "Brit Abroad" or "American Abroad" etc. I would cancel the order. If you feel really strongly about the sitaution, draw up a banner and stand outside their store telling people your story. that will get them to take notice as it appears that no-one is taking responsibility for your problem. You could even arrange or the press to turn exclusive for thelocal!! :0)

Good luck!
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