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I need help for asylum/immigration

I need advise and possibilities of accepting me in

Gamla Hälsingebock
post 19.Feb.2017, 06:04 PM
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My favourite is poly-sexual...
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post 21.Feb.2017, 01:19 AM
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I sympathise with your situation, but it is hardly unique. If Europe allowed anyone who claimed persecution due to homosexuality or transgender, or due to politics, poverty or their position in the cast system, Europe would be financially bankrupt.

We had the same problems during the last 100 years - brave people helped to effect change - which you now want to take advantage of while taxpayers in Sweden assist you.

Its the same situation with the young male refugees who would rather leave their wives and families in refuge camps that fight for their country.
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post 21.Feb.2017, 10:29 AM
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QUOTE (LLHope @ 19.Feb.2017, 03:01 PM) *
You will highly likely find that any claim for asylum will be rejected, even by Sweden, for the simple grounds that regardless of how Indian communities may treat you, you hav ... (show full quote)

Except when one reads MV's definitions of asylum and subsidiary protection, the applicant could argue that they hid their preference to save their life. One must ask oneself, at what point does a person choose to come out? Because, coming from countries in which it is dangerous to do so, surely all those who have been granted refugee/sub protc. status on this account have hidden their identity to some extent. It at least is grounds to attempt applying?

I think that the applicant's biggest problem is touched upon by Bsmith - namely, that India is a massive country and surely there are places or communities within the country that would accept and not persecute the applicant as severely as would warrant refugee or subsidiary protection status. Based on my experience, if the applicant even has the remotest opportunity to move to a different region of their country where they would be safe from imminent death and able to continue living somewhat normally, then MV won't approve the case. That's why war refugees from countries in obvious war are even turned down for asylum in Sweden; so long as there is still a safe place they could move to and carry on, their likelihood of being permitted stay in Sweden is low. And if someone is able to be openly transgender and be hired for a position as school principal, there is structure in place to allow people to exist (though it would be an upstream battle) as opposed to hunted down nationwide by a governmental regime to torture or kill the individual. I agree with Bsmith that - especially if OP's goal is to fight for equality - it should be done on the home front. People impassioned for change are the vessels by which all great human progress has been led.
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