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Expensive haircut in Sweden-Linköping

So expensive life

post 11.Apr.2016, 10:28 AM
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QUOTE (jack sprat @ 10.Apr.2016, 11:26 PM) *
Seven quid at my place in the UK including home visit. - - -

Home visit - reminds me of how my old Dad used to get his hair cut. A farm labourer living opposite in the village was looked upon as the 'village barber', and when Dad wanted a trim he used to come over with his comb, scissors, clippers and sheet whilst Dad provided an oil drum as barber's chair, outside the workshop. Dad used to give old Bill 5/- even though he only charged 2/6. That was back in the late 40's through to the early 60's. and the price was constant.

Yep, brought back memories your comment did. biggrin.gif
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post 11.Apr.2016, 11:36 AM
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Hi Sprat! Surprised at your age you still have hair to cut!

Due to the exchange rate, costs me Sk 20 for a wash and cut!

*30 bucks for hair clippers!*
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post 11.Apr.2016, 06:26 PM
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My wife cuts mine:Attached Image
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post 11.Apr.2016, 11:30 PM
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So that is the exact opposite of that old-fashioned Mohican style. Mine is similar, but the centre 'groove' is much wider.

laugh.gif laugh.gif
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post 12.Apr.2016, 11:36 AM
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Ive cut my own hair for years now. People overestimate how hard it is - it's really not as long as you are content to have a clipper cut.

Buy yourself a Wahl Super Taper clipper (same model most barbers use) and a set of combs with metal clips (not the plastic ones). Lean over the side of your bathtub and start on the top and sides with no. 5 or 6 comb and just make nice long passes, keeping the comb level against your head. Next pop a no. 2 or no. 3 comb on and run upwards on the sides and back of your head, about halfway. You can, after all, feel how high up your scalp you have run the clippers, so you can make each pass to the same point to keep things level, without needing a mirror to see the back of your head. Now put a no.4 comb on and blend the shorter hair areas into the longer at the top. Pay attention to the crown of the head and make passes into the crown from all directions (360 degrees).

Finally use a no.2 comb to do the detailing on the sideburns, over the ear and with the aid of a mirror behind you, trim the neckline at the back (careful here)

Well it looks complicated written down but it's easier than driving to a hairdressers and the initial expense of the clippers will get repaid in a couple of months, judging from the Swedish prices some of you are quoting.

There are plenty of "how to cut your own hair" videos on YouTube if you want a visual guide.
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