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Mobile broadband again

Tele2 don't make it easy

post 27.Apr.2016, 09:46 PM
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I think I've settled on tele2 mobile bredband at 100GB / month for 399kr. I'm hoping this will suffice for streaming tv and Netflix.

I have a small problem with the tele2 website though. On this page they offer data packages for mobile broadband but they can only be ordered together with their router, but my problem is I already have a Huawei e5186s router (unlocked) so I don't need theirs, but there's no option for "I have my own router"

I did find a page where you can order sim only, but this is only talking about iPads and surfplattas and it's not clear to me whether they will work in a 4G router.

Can anyone shed light?
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post 15.May.2016, 10:29 AM
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I could try to shed some, but find myself in the same position as you. You have found an offer for a contract for Bredband 4G, which would cost you 434 SEK (35 SEK more for the monthly bill). You must give one month notice when cancelling the service. The service comes with a SIM card which would fit your router. The surfplatta route is for you, as the surfplattas have their modem built in, whereas the required modem is built in in your router.

The router is 1 495 SEK. You could avoid the cost for the Huawei Tele2 router by going to a Tele2 shop (The Phonehouse on Sveavägen in Stockholm also) and only pay for your private subscription, There would only be a setup charge if you buy a phone (or router).

Be aware: Even if the SIM fits your router perfectly, your usage might not be supported. Tele2 is known to have applied restrictive measures in the past, based on the argument that an iPad is neither a router nor a cell phone and you're thus not allowed to use the SIM in a router nor to use VoIP services. I don't know if that is the case today, as the brochure I have only talks of "surf" (surfing the Internet) and doesn't specifically mention VoIP nor router usage. But it does say that you and your "whole family" can stream music and video, so you should be good to go. - Previous years I was able to use the Tele2 (it was Comviq actually, same company but for PAYG brand) SIM card for data (Internet) in my own somewhat long in the tooth ZTE router without problems.
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post 15.May.2016, 02:57 PM
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OP a better option for you may be Net1 who offer unlimited 4G data for 299kr a month?

The drawback with them is that there are lots of areas of very patchy coverage, I'm in an area of poor coverage myself so unfortunately can't give you any first hand experience.
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post 16.Jun.2016, 08:32 PM
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We too are with Net1, using their router in the Norrtalje area, mainly for summer use and at a lower limit and fee than mentioned.
The reception is indeed patchy, slow and subject to interruption.
Net1's coverage map shows a continuing and unspecified problem at the mobile mast from which the signal is drawn.
Not very satisfactory, but the only option available..
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