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Jobs in Luleå for non-Swedish speakers

Advice on what work is available

post 15.Oct.2009, 07:42 PM
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QUOTE (koded @ 4.Aug.2009, 06:33 PM) *
Presently, in Luleå you can pick berries and make money if you are already in sweden. But I must tell you it is one of the hardest job you can ever do. if you are hardworking ... (show full quote)

I remember picking berries for pocket money as a kid. Hard work and funnily enough I don't think they pay much more, per kg, than they did back then. Happy to be proven wrong but I don't think Swedes pick berries for money these days - they keep whatever they find. For some reason I took my Australian gf to pick some blueberries this summer, guess I wanted to share my childhood. Anyway, we found enough for a few blueberry crumbles; there's no way we would have sold the berries seeing the amount of work going in to picking them.

Kalla Fakta? had an investigative piece a few weeks back on the situation for Thai berry pickers. I think they mentioned a figure of around 50kg a day, per person, to break even. Most ended up finding between 10-30kg a day and wound up losing money. Your situation is obviously different, not having to shell out for accommodation etc, but whatever money you end up making you'll soon have to spend on mozzie repellents and physical therapy to cure your ailing back
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post 16.Oct.2009, 03:41 PM
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well I guess, the key to save time here is to learn Swedish. Can any one tell me whats best way to learn it on line! some links please smile.gif
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post 16.Oct.2009, 10:02 PM
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You cant really learn the language online you need to be around people who are speaking it. Written Swedish and spoken Swedish are vastly different things and if you do not learn the grammar properly and how to pronounce things then you will make no sense when you speak. Seems to be a good few people in this thread who want to learn swedish so maybe try getting them all together sometime and having just one native Swedish speaker join you to help you structure a lesson and to teach you how to actually speak properly.
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post 31.Oct.2012, 06:40 PM
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I came from london where I was a broker and moved to Lulea three months ago. I have found no jobs to cater for me , I have a MEcon and an MBA from the USA but the only job that is open for me is for a vacancy in february . There are no other jobs available , I speak 7 languages but Swedish is not one of them. I would work even in a kitchen or doing almost anything but there is no opportunity specially if you not Swedish.
The UK has a far better policy in accommodating Europeans under the EU law than Sweden does. I came up North because my GF is from here , I do not want social care or benefits but just a job that keeps me from being indoors at home almost 7 days a week morning till evening .

I have even offered to mow peoples lawn for 300 Kroner a day just to do something
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w i l l
post 22.Jun.2013, 03:48 PM
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Why don't you set up a language school/tuition, print some flyers and flyer everyone in sight.

Learn English
Deutsch Lernen
Apprendre le Français
Nederlands Leren
Aprender Español
Imparare L'Italiano

300 Kronor en Timme!

(PS not an attempt at showing my language skills, Google Translate-d that, probably wrong)
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w i l l
post 22.Jun.2013, 03:51 PM
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That makes no sense. How can you be lucky or always make money from that, yet you haven't made any money. Some kind of odd paradox.

QUOTE (The Lix-a @ 4.Aug.2009, 07:43 PM) *
Im kind of lucky im an artist, its what i graduated in, and all ever wanted to be, so i can always make money from that, question is when tho.
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