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PN number with no work for EU citizen
Can I get a PN with no work,but with place to stay
6 Alexandrat… 6,060 23.Nov.2018
By: Alexandrat…
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Swede with a US teaching certification
Possibly moving back to Sweden
0 kerostarfx 5,594 30.Aug.2018
By: kerostarfx
No New Posts 3 RAFS 8,238 24.Aug.2018
By: yet anothe…
No New Posts 0 *Guest* 4,722 12.Jul.2018
By: *Guest*
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Migrationsverket Different City?
Avoiding long wait times
0 AYearAbroa… 4,812 23.Jun.2018
By: AYearAbroa…
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Handelsbanken debit card
Postal delivery
3 *Guest* 6,634 12.Jun.2018
By: Martian
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University Insurance- Student IN
Getting that personnummer
0 *Guest* 5,012 22.Apr.2018
By: *Guest*
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Importing personal car assistance
need hand in importing the car
3 ToSheila 4,954 5.Apr.2018
By: iryna91
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Moving to Sweden
and bringing in family
2 *Guest* 4,393 22.Mar.2018
By: robbie1985
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Bringing my girlfriend in sweden
She is an EU citizen,can she get pn with no work?
0 *Guest* 4,508 31.Jan.2018
By: *Guest*
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Recommendations for moving company
Need to move from Sweden to the US
0 toddysho 4,116 16.Jan.2018
By: toddysho
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How long till Försäkringskassan health insurance
Confusing statement on MV website
1 RAFS 5,331 10.Jan.2018
By: outkindle
No New Posts 0 *Guest* 3,267 2.Jan.2018
By: *Guest*
No New Posts 0 *Guest* 3,374 26.Dec.2017
By: *Guest*
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Gettıng a New Personnummer
Wrong Digit for the Gender
1 *Guest* 4,766 14.Dec.2017
By: intrepidfo…
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e-ID certificate on tax office ID card
Where and how can I use it?
1 RAFS 6,168 4.Dec.2017
By: wondering_…
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Personnumer before start date
Applying for a personal number prior to moving
3 Cmf 5,935 30.Nov.2017
By: Case offic…
No New Posts 1 *Guest* 4,218 27.Nov.2017
By: Essingen55
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Residence permit, permanent residence and UK car
Do I need to reregister it this week?
0 vortigern 3,462 23.Nov.2017
By: vortigern
No New Posts 3 *Guest* 8,039 21.Nov.2017
By: *Guest*
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To get a personnummer
Change of coordination number to personnummer
0 shoushou 1,855 8.Oct.2017
By: shoushou
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Fix motherboard power?
IPTV motherboard power supply issue --------------
2 akaash 2,112 2.Oct.2017
By: akaash
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By: manmanam
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By: intrepidfo…
No New Posts 0 omerkay 1,923 18.Sep.2017
By: omerkay
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want solution for my problem
please respond quickly
5 sai 2,466 18.Sep.2017
By: sai
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By: *Guest*
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Is there USPS Forwarding?
Is it possible to forward US Mail to Sweden?
0 jbeuckm 2,016 27.Jul.2017
By: jbeuckm
No New Posts 2 *Guest* 4,007 10.Jun.2017
By: the_dome
No New Posts 0 *Guest* 2,836 30.May.2017
By: *Guest*
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