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Barbecue cooking styles in Sweden

Do Swedes like it the same way as Americans?

post 2.Aug.2009, 11:04 PM
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oh! by the way...has anyone tried those Falcon BBQ recipes that keep on getting shown on tv?
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jack sprat
post 2.Aug.2009, 11:59 PM
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I know its been mentioned before, but I still often wonder why the quality of most fresh produce and some frozen products in Sweden,(a fairly rural country and not poverty stricken by any means,just yet), is generally sub-standard compared to much of the rest of Europe, including most of the poorer countries.
Is it down to the fact that the Swedes ingrained socialist mentality allows them to accept whatever they are offered without a murmer or complaint?
...or partly down to the limited competition offered by supermarket chains out to maximise their profits any way they can?
...or what?
Would it be different if there were lots of small businesses, like Butchers,Bakers and Greengrocers etc.which still exist,although in lesser numbers, in many EU countries, despite the influence of the giant supermarket chains?
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post 3.Aug.2009, 01:32 AM
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In the states we have so many different cultures living together. I love the diversity of it all All most any community no matter how small has ethnic groceries and restaraunts and I love all of them. Cooking and eating is something that can get all the races to bind together so since I have been on this site I have noticed that their might be some friction with some of your different immigrant groups and ethnic Swedes? Are their any middle eastern restaraunts? Their food is superb even though it lacks pork. But their lamb is superb. I guess the quality of food is all tied into supply and demand. You'll have to excuse me my pulled pork is done and its time to eat.
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