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Any mango candy in "pick and mix" assortiment?
A question about a potential mango candy
6 Mikile 4,048 27.Sep.2012
By: Mikile
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If you were in London tonight
What would you eat?  * 123
41 byke 10,374 26.Sep.2012
By: Uglybetty6…
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The Great British bake off
BBC2 anybody see it?
4 byke 3,264 26.Sep.2012
By: Flutterbye
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Help with the candies...
I need you to help me with finding the sweets
5 Ezio 3,184 23.Aug.2012
By: Puffin
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Looking for ham hocks
Want to make some beans
7 soultravel… 4,245 2.Aug.2012
By: bobthedog
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I need info about these Swedish candies
What they are, where can they be bought, etc...
13 Mikile 7,903 7.Jun.2012
By: Mikile
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Looking for commercial kitchen to rent in småland
Starting up new business in Jönköpings Län
7 Ashlito 5,579 23.May.2012
By: Ashlito
No New Posts 6 Ashlito 9,691 23.May.2012
By: Ashlito
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Happy Cinco de Mayo!
Now where do I find the pinto beans...
1 SeattleLov… 3,031 5.May.2012
By: SimonDMont…
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Where to Buy What in Sweden
Things that are quite hard to find  * 12
22 melaela 34,835 27.Apr.2012
By: Yorkshirem…
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I hate grocery shopping in Sweden
A rant about rude people at my local stores  * 123» 23
340 DidiE 87,087 15.Apr.2012
By: Gamla Häl…
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Sausage skins in Sweden
Any company sell them direct to public?
6 Ashlito 4,578 7.Apr.2012
By: Ashlito
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Self Raising Flour
Where can I find it?  * 12
17 BillyB 12,784 7.Apr.2012
By: Rick Methv…
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Smoked haddock anywhere?
Does it exist in Sweden?
12 CCVB 7,334 25.Mar.2012
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Do all Swedes love Surströmming?
Wanna know local's perception about Surströmming  * 12
22 sharonguti 30,900 21.Mar.2012
By: goawai
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Suet for pastry
Where to buy.
8 160kph 8,599 11.Mar.2012
By: byke
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Corned Beef anyone?
Has anyone seen anything like it?  * 12
20 jannieb 12,583 10.Mar.2012
By: jannieb
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Sunday Roast and trimmings
No chicken & no gravy on Yorkshires! :o  * 12
22 Puffin 11,702 6.Mar.2012
By: byke
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Elizabeth (and Philip) Celebration Dinner.
Her Majesties 60th anniversary of her accession.  * 123
31 byke 10,568 8.Feb.2012
By: 7
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Are all pumpkin types edible?
Is it safe to eat the Halloween decorations?
7 Puffin 15,628 6.Feb.2012
By: BillyB
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Where to buy anchovies
In uppsala?  * 12
18 uduck 20,696 6.Feb.2012
By: Snood
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Self-raising v. self-rising flour
What is the difference?  * 12
21 007 20,860 27.Jan.2012
By: Snood
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Self-effacing flour needed
Not seen it for a while
1 BillyB 2,696 25.Jan.2012
By: 7
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I need British sausages
Where can I get them?  * 12
21 Fredlocks 14,348 18.Dec.2011
By: Beavis
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British and Irish recipes
Share your favourites here
10 irishmark 18,311 12.Dec.2011
By: *jakemarkin…*
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Mixed drinks made with aquavit?
Do you have any recommendations?  * 123
31 Traveler20… 35,365 11.Dec.2011
By: BritVik
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Christmas Moose in Sweden
Is there such a thing?  * 12
22 byke 10,702 6.Dec.2011
By: bobalong
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Can one buy Epsom Salts in Sweden?
I was wondering if they're available
5 eardoctor 11,897 13.Oct.2011
By: Baned
No New Posts 1 Beachhanna… 3,171 4.Oct.2011
By: SeldomSeen…
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Scandinavia: a 'culinary disaster zone' no more
From AP via WTOP Radio, Washington  * 123» 5
68 Zill 22,053 4.Oct.2011
By: skogsbo
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