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Going to visit US

What should I buy and bring back?

post 2.Jul.2012, 11:18 AM
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Heya! I have been in Sweden for a few months (get my residence in May, but I'll let you read between the lines.) Before that I was living in Barbadosfor 13 months. When in Barbados, I know what stuff was cheaper in the US (Everything... by half or a third) or not available there (clothes that were normal.) When I would hop back to the states every couple of months, I knew what to bring back to save money and my sanity.

So my question is, what do I bring back here? I went back once already (if you read between the lines, you can guess why) and got a crock pot, (Learned that you must have a transformer, not just an adapter... thank god sambo is an electrical engineer) measuring cups and spoons, towels, and stuff like that. I already realised I should have grabbed some other stuff, so i'm just seeing if there is anything I'm might want and have not thought of.

Here is my list for this time:
Vanilla extract
Brownie mix
cake mix
muffin/cupcake liners (I find the ones here to be really really thin)
Converse (for my sambo's daughters. I still don't get the draw)
Real Maple syrup (so expensive here)
peanut butter (even skippy is different here)
Kraft mac n cheese

I donät want people saying that life here sucks or that I'm an idiot american for wanting Mac n cheese. I just like to have a few comfort things for when I'm homesick.

What would you bringback?

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Bender B Rodriquez
post 2.Jul.2012, 11:32 AM
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Computer stuff. In particular, anything made by Apple is a lot cheaper in the US than in Europe. Most electronics is a bargain in the US.

Both Aleve and Aspirin are available in OTC Sweden under the names Naproxen, Pronaxen and Albyl, Bamyl, Magnecyl, or Treo. Of course, they are probably cheaper in the US.
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post 2.Jul.2012, 11:48 AM
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Maple syrup and Mac'n'cheese ? Is it seriously worth it to carry all this stuff around the globe to save a few dollars?

Why not a Chevrolet Camaro, beef jerky and whiskey? rolleyes.gif

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post 2.Jul.2012, 12:45 PM
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electronic and clothes ! i would suggest go with empty bag ;d
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post 2.Jul.2012, 12:45 PM
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a gun
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post 2.Jul.2012, 01:16 PM
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Multi-sympton cold medications, chocolate chips, vodka, gin and tequila.
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post 2.Jul.2012, 02:35 PM
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QUOTE (PDX @ 2.Jul.2012, 11:48 AM) *
.... Why not a Chevrolet Camaro, beef jerky and whiskey? rolleyes.gif . ~~~PDX~~~

good suggestions if that is what Juju likes...

carry sturff all around the globe unsure.gif you get a check on, carry on and personal item. So utlilize your allocation and bring back all the comfort items this allows.
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post 2.Jul.2012, 02:45 PM
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Love the ideas. I buy otc drugs there as they are SO much cheaper. Beef jerky is a REALLY good Idea and I will be bringing as much alcohol as allowed. I have been thinking about buying a new laptop and will be looking for one there as well. I may have to look into chocolate chips. I just chop up marabou bars. luggage space is not an issue. My sambo works for SAS and will be bringing me to the us and then coming back here. THen in a month or sohe will be coming to pick me up and bring me back so i can start SFI. We will be shopping and i will send stuff with him on the "first wave" if you will. I also am going to be buying makeup there. and holy hanna OPI nail polish!!

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post 2.Jul.2012, 02:50 PM
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if your thinking about a laptop your might put some thought into brand warranty. Some manufacturers have worldwide warranty such as Asus.
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post 2.Jul.2012, 05:37 PM
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Here's what I always bring back:

OTC drugs in bulk (less than $10 for 500):
and others
-Sudafed (Pseudoephedrine)... you can't get it here at all... not even with a prescription I think

-make-up & beauty products
-beef jerky
-Smokehouse almonds
-ziploc bags
-visine eye drops
-Reese's Pieces
-cream of tartar for baking
-pumpkin pie spice
-graham crackers
-cinnamon gum
-Bounce fabric softening dryer sheets
If you don't already have them and you like to cook:
-US measuring cups & spoons
-turkey baster
-cheap meat thermometer
-oven bags

And occasionally:
-laptop computer
-tablet computer
-computer accessories (mouse, keyboard, screen protectors, carrying cases)
-USB keys and blank DVDs

and finally, to carry it all home:
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post 2.Jul.2012, 05:50 PM
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@Shibumi offers a definitive list...

You can never bring back too much cold medicine, whatever your preference, as real cold meds with good decogestant are not available OTC. You cannot buy them at even a high price like you can maple syrup. I would skip they syrup and buy more TheraFlu. It is easy to forget when travelling in the summer. But come November it will be much better to have in the cupboard than cake mix, you can easily make cakes and brownies from scratch, just remember to buy some baking soda in USA. Although I have been known to buy Bisquick in USA.

I buy shoes, jeans, winter clothes and legos in the USA, so much cheaper.

My child likes Quaker instant oatmeal and Poptarts. My husband misses coffeemate flavored creamer.
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post 2.Jul.2012, 06:14 PM
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QUOTE (JuJuBeeLyn @ 2.Jul.2012, 12:18 PM) *
Heya! I have been in Sweden for a few months (get my residence in May, but I'll let you read between the lines.) Before that I was living in Barbadosfor 13 months. Whe ... (show full quote)

Definitely bring back vanilla and mac n cheese...I really miss those two things and trying to make mac n chesse is not an easy task. Deodorant, if you have a favorite. Tampons because most of the ones you find here do not have an applicator. Make-up. Peroxide and alcohol. Buttermilk baking wonders for pancakes. smile.gif Granola bars, if you like them. Right now that's all I can think of. Good luck. smile.gif
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post 5.Jul.2012, 04:31 PM
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Forgot to mention... last time I was in the USA, I saw the price of low energy bulbs (the curly ones) and found a 3-pack of 1750 lumen warm light for $12 (~84 SEK). Here in Stockholm, I've found that something similar costs 180 SEK for just one! I was thrilled until I tried one in my Stockholm apartment and it immediately blew out... cruelly reminding me that voltage matters. So don't bring home any light bulbs.
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post 5.Jul.2012, 05:18 PM
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QUOTE (JuJuBeeLyn @ 2.Jul.2012, 12:18 PM) *
Heya! I have been in Sweden for a few months (get my residence in May, but I'll let you read between the lines.) Before that I was living in Barbadosfor 13 months. Whe ... (show full quote)

Good list. I would not bring back the ready mixes and just bite the bullet and learn to cook from scratch. Bring a copy of the 'Joy of Cooking' along with your Pyrex measuring cups and measuring scoops. My copy of the Joy of cooking has marks on all my favorite recipes with both imperial and metric measurements.

Ica does sell packets of Vanilla extract - it is expensive not quite the same but it does work in recipes. Along that line I would also suggest if you are fond of it "cream of tartar" powder. A couple of bottles of Vanilla extract would be great. I have NEVER been subjected to search or import duties when arriving from America to Sweden. My wife LOVES Godiva Liqueur, you may like it too. I think you are only allowed two bottles of alcohol per person.

Insect repellant with the highest percentage of 'DEET(N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide)' that you can find. There is a brand called Ben's that is 99% DEET that is available online and at hunting, camping and fishing stores. Here in Sweden I think the highest percentage of DEET is like twenty something or maybe as high as thirty percent. Do not listen to the Eco-Wackos regarding DEET. DEET has been used by millions of US soldiers with seldom an adverse reaction for more decades than I or you have been alive. It works.

Jeans. They are very expensive here.

T-Shirts if you are outside of the Swedish commercial target. I can fit an "American" 2x T-shirt but I prefer an American 3X or 4X. Swedish 2X and American 2X is not equal.

Socks if you have big feet like me. I wear a size 13 EEE shoe in America. I have not been able to find socks in Sweden that fit.

Vegemite. There is a mail order company in Texas that sells 910g jars of Vegemite. I was in the states last year and I keep kicking myself for not ordering it and bringing it back home to Sweden.

Real Maple syrup is expensive back home also but you are right it is almost impossible to get real maple syrup here in Sweden. On this same thought if you do real home cooking you might want to pick up and bring back to Sweden some molasses. I cannot find it anywhere here. Dark sugar syrup does not cut it.

I used to be able to purchase 100 and 200 bottles of Actifed over the counter. In 2004 when I was back in the States they wanted to see my Drivers license and question me about my intentions regarding the purchase of two packages of twelve tablets. There is a drug craze that has really screwed things up for the rest of us. Be careful about the over the counter stuff. It might not fly over borders if you get nailed and are inspected.

Have fun, stay cool it is hot as hell and going to stay that way. -Paul
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post 5.Jul.2012, 07:13 PM
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Kraft mac and cheese, the only thing I miss about the states.
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