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Försäkringskassan registration process

Being a citizen not enough???

post 9.Aug.2017, 10:08 PM
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I moved to Sweden many years ago and am a Swedish citizen now.
Started working after my studies here, never had to deal with försäkringskassan until now.

Just want to get the (medical) EU card (eu-kort) for when I am travelling in EU.

Their website asks to use the following form 5456 to determine if am covered by the Swedish social insurance (socialförsäkringen).

Obviously I am covered.
As a Swedish citizen i thought my personnummer would have been enough.
So do not understand the reason behind all the questions.

Just want to check if I am not missing something here/ using the wrong form ? unsure.gif

Secondly does dual citizenship (of a non-eu country) impacts the social/ medical cover in anyway?

Please advice if you have gone through the process.

Thanks in advance.

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post 9.Aug.2017, 10:21 PM
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If you have been living in Sweden for 12+ months then you are obliged by law to register with FK, regardless of if you are in the population register or not (i.e. have a personal number or not), because some insurance/benefits are resident based and others are work based.

Sweden is in the EU and therefore (in theory) should not treat Swedish citizens any different from other EU citizens in Sweden. So no, just having a personal number is not enough. You could have been resident in another EU country, working in another EU country ...and therefore certain benefits including healthcare should be paid for by that EU country and not Sweden.
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post 10.Aug.2017, 06:59 PM
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I see your line of reasoning.

However I meant that once I put in my personal number FK's system should be able to detect ...Ohhhh...the person is living here... and is a citizen.
But maybe they cannot know if I have a residence in another country.

Oh well I need to register... and that I would do using this form... right?
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