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The Local _ Finance _ Old debt to Swedish companies

Posted by: boggerboy 29.Jan.2015, 11:20 AM


Any advice gratefully received:

I worked in Sweden 4 years ago and being young and feckless, left a telephone bill and a credit card bill behind me unpaid when I moved back to the UK. I am not proud of it, and it only probably amounted to a few thousand kronor but that's what I did.

I am now possibly going to have to work in Sweden again. Obviously my first port of call should be Skatteverket, but before I poke the hornet's nest, can anyone give me an idea on what kind of sour welcome I should expect? A big black mark on my credit record at best, a refusal to allow me to work at worst? Crippling compound interest or is there a point at which they would have written it off?

I remember paying off most of the credit card bill from my bank in London but I never heard anything else about it from them, Kronofogden or the phone company. I may have neglected to leave a forwarding address, having said that.

Thanks for any advice.

Posted by: Hisingen 29.Jan.2015, 11:28 AM

At a guess you had the usual PN back then?
If so, as and when you return, it will still be there, and once you register residence you could well find that old memories are very long, and four years is no time at all.
Bring your wallet with you, and perhaps a bit of humble pie along with it, as a saving grace.

Posted by: boggerboy 29.Jan.2015, 11:33 AM

Yes, I had a PN, so I was thinking to try get out in front of it and contact Skatteverket in advance.

I wasn't expecting them to have forgotten, but as long as they don't refuse to grant residency again, I guess that would be ok! smile.gif

Thanks for the advice.

Posted by: yet another brit 29.Jan.2015, 01:50 PM

If you know someone in Sweden, have them open a Ratsit account and do a check on you. This will also send a copy to your latest registered address. Then you'll know if there are black marks on your credit history.

You may find that debt(s) got sold on to one of the inkasso companies and reached Kronofogden (the bailiffs). Plausible that as soon as you reregister in Sweden a little lamp will light up on their dashboard...and they will come after you. Pre-emptive grovelling ("I'm really sorry, I never got any letters, then I moved, how much do I owe you...") may be called for.

Posted by: LLHope 29.Jan.2015, 03:45 PM

Just ring Kronofogden and ask them, all you need is the personal number.

Alternatively, if it is still the case, you are entitled to 1 free extract of your credit report per year from UC ( )

It may be that since your personal number is probably flagged as person-disappeared, it may not be possible to use it for those purposes until it is reactivated, never tried biggrin.gif

Posted by: phani 28.Oct.2018, 05:24 PM


so what happened in the end?

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