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Tips for a marketing graduate?

Recommendations regarding the job hunt are needed

post 6.Jul.2018, 08:40 AM
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I am a non-EU citizen with just a couple of years of experience in online marketing (media buying in Facebook/Insta, content, SMM) in Europe and Asia, including a part-time job in content marketing for a Swedish startup which did not result in a job offer, unfortunately (still wondering whether they did not want to keep me, pay more than a minimum rate or indeed did not have a full-time position). I'm expected to graduate from the Swedish uni this year with a Master's in media. My Swedish is at the beginner level although I am working on it myself now. I have been looking for a job for the last few months, landed a few interviews, but, again, no offer in the end.

What I noticed, many digital marketing ads require the knowledge of the whole bunch of tools (SEO, content, paid and organic search, influencers marketing, Google AdWords, marketing automation, web analytics etc) and I definitely lack some of them. I am taking the online course in SEO now but it's just a theory without practice. Same about AdWords - certification is not equal to an experience. Careerwise, I would like to move up from the content management to marketing strategy development but feel that I am too junior for that now.

What would you recommend me to do to land a decent job in digital marketing in Sweden?
1) Should I search for an internship just to fill the gaps? If so, what's the best way to approach the managers/the companies - via LinkedIn, email, events? It's important for me to learn from an expert in the online marketing, willing to share their experience.
2) Do you think online self-education could be enough to persuade Swedish employers to hire me? What knowledge should I obtain (e.g. HTML?)
3) Or, maybe, some of you need a short-term marketing assistant to help with some hands-on stuff so that both of us could benefit from it? smile.gif
4) If you've been to a similar situation/have any tips/suggestions, please, share your experience here.

I'd be grateful for any advice.
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post 9.Jul.2018, 01:23 PM
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QUOTE (avalanche @ 6.Jul.2018, 09:40 AM) *
Hej,I am a non-EU citizen with just a couple of years of experience in online marketing (media buying in Facebook/Insta, content, SMM) in Europe and Asia, including a part-tim ... (show full quote)

Speak and write fluent Swedish - to native level.
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post 9.Jul.2018, 08:56 PM
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1. Try Linkedin and events, I think it helps to know people. A lot of people I know (I'm in IT) got jobs through people they know eg. friends and friends of friends, former colleagues.
2. Not sure about self education, but you need to improve your Swedish. You're competing with native Swedish speakers who are also really good at English, I would make that your priority.
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