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Student loans and sambo

Maintenance requirements for sambo

post 10.Sep.2019, 06:47 PM
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Hello all -

Are US citizens eligible for a residence permit (based on sambo) if the the Swedish citizen they are moving in with lives off study loans/grants, and not work related income?

I have US and Swedish citizenship, however I have never worked or lived in Sweden.

I will be finishing my bachelor's degree here in the states in Spring 2020, and plan to move to Sweden for my master's immediately after, hoping to receive study loans/grants to live off of while I finish school.

My question is whether or not my boyfriend of five years can move to Sweden on a Sambo residence permit, even if I will only be supporting myself on study loans and grants?

According to Migrationsverket, in order for a US citizen to move to Sweden and receive a residence permit (based on sambo), the Swedish citizen they will be moving in with will need to be able to support both people on one income. Per the website: "Here are examples of what is counted as work-related income: pay from work, unemployment benefit, sickness benefit, earnings-related retirement pension."

It doesn't look like my study loans qualify as income, so I am thinking he will not qualify for a sambo residence permit because I can not support the two of us.

Has anyone had experience with this? Would it be smarter for him to try to get a work visa, and then apply for a permanent residence permit once I enter the work force post graduation?

Sorry for the long post!
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