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Posted by: Singleparenting 11.Jul.2019, 10:18 PM

Hi, I've been offered a job with a firm in Stockholm and have a 3 year old. If I take it up, I'd be moving from India as a single mother. I have so many questions as I make this decision and would really appreciate some insight from members here :

1. What would it cost me to have a regular nanny or babysitter and how hard are they to find? When I google it I find costs ranging from SEK 149 an hour for part-time (unaffordable) to SEK 5000 a month for full time live in help. The latter seems quite doable for me so there must be a catch!! Are they simply hard to find?
2. Can I get a personnummer for me and my child with just my job contract? I'd like to get in the preschool queue soon rather than wait 3 months for the work permit
3. Would love to hear from other Indian or non-EU parents of preschoolers - which preschools in the Stockholm area have you found diverse, healthy and good?
4. I heard there was a Waldorf preschool with an all-vegan menu - is that a one-off or can I find that as an option elsewhere?
5. Could I buy a flat and be eligible for a loan before I even move as long as I can put down say 20-30%? I don't want my kid to have to move house 5 times a year right after moving continents!
6. If I don't get my work permit extended what happens to the hypothetical flat I bought? Is it just a matter of paying down the instalments by renting it out to someone, or do I risk losing it?!
7. Finally - the big and vague questions. I am being offered a salary that is only about SEK 200,000 higher than my Indian salary converted. I'm being told that this is what salaries in Sweden are like. The low pay worries me but the safety, gender equality and low cost of raising a child of Sweden is extremely appealing to me as a single mother to a girl. I kind of see this as the best home for me from that POV. India, especially as it is evolving now, just scares me constantly on this count - even if I have a full staff of domestic help and family and friends around here. I worry I am idealising Sweden too much so would appreciate other perspectives on the safety, gender equality and low cost of raising a child part which is mainly driving my decision.

Thanks again

Posted by: Singleparenting 12.Jul.2019, 04:54 AM

Hi, I have moved this thread to "Life in Sweden" in the hope of more views/answers. I'm unable to delete to here however. Request anyone adding an answer to please do so in the Life in Sweden section:

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