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Freelance salary rates

Graphic designer hourly rate

post 25.May.2018, 01:15 PM
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I wonder about the hourly salary rate for Graphic/ UI Designer in Stockholm
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yet another brit
post 28.May.2018, 07:36 PM
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Look up the salary range for employees in that business & role. Convert to an hourly rate by monthly salary / 168 (=std number of hours in a month for these purposes).

Here, for example :

Multiply by about 1.6 to account for employers tax and occupational pension, which as a contractor you would pay directly out of your hourly rate, but which for salaried employees is paid for them by the employer.

That should be your starting point - the point which is cost-neutral to the employer. Then aim higher. The employer will likely be happy to pay a premium, as a) a good consultant is more productive per hour [no vacations, time off for sickness, children, in house training etc] and cool.gif is a more flexible option as has no statuary employment rights (only contractual ones).
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