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Leaving/entering while waiting on residency card?

Possible to receive a temporary residency card?

post 20.Jun.2019, 03:26 PM
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I have been living in Sweden for approximately two years together with my girlfriend and I applied for an extension of my residency permit and I was awarded a permanent residency permit.
I have scheduled an appointment to have new photos taken and new finger prints done at the Migrationboard and then it will probably take another couple of weeks to get the new residency card.
I was wanting to go on a trip abroad during summer vacation (whole July), but I would need to order the plane tickets soon and I don't think I will get the residency card before I would have to leave on the trip.
Would it be possible to leave Sweden and get back in without actually having the physical card with me in the pass control. Are they able to see in the computer somehow that I now am a permanent resident, or do I absolutely have to have the card with me?
Or can the Migrationboard issue some kind of temporary residency card?
If it's not possible, I just have to stay home, but I figured I would ask here just in case someone knows. Thanks for reading.
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post 21.Jun.2019, 09:05 PM
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From my limited knowledge, take it with a grain of salt:

1) If you go with-in Schengen Area, chances are that there will be no checks. But if there will be a check (police, etc) in another country and they find you without valid visa - this can be a huge trouble, as you most likely will be deported and need to fight deportation order outside of EU. Maybe not worth it.

2) If you go outside of Schengen Area via any country but Sweden (like take flight to CPH and then to outside of Schengen), you most probably will get into trouble immediately, as usually passport control check that you haven't overstayed, so having valid work permit card is must.

3) If you go outside of Schengen Area from Sweden directly, they will let you out without much problem (you will probably hear something "we will let you out, but we will not let you back without a work permit card"). I think there is 50/50 chance that they will let you in afterwards. But keep in mind you can get in trouble when departing another country, for example in US airline stuff quite often checks your visas (because sending you back from Sweden to US will be too much trouble for them).

4) If previous fails, there were cases of Sweden embassy issuing a short visa just to let you in. But this can take a few weeks.

If I was you, I would probably just wait for the card, less hassle overall.

PS. don't forget your EU health insurance card smile.gif
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post 22.Jun.2019, 09:53 AM
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Thank you for your reply! I think you're right, I better wait for the card and not risk anything.
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post 24.Jun.2019, 06:27 AM
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You just travel like a normal human and that is it. Swedish police is aware that migrationsverket is not doing their job and that people are waiting for a long time for permits so they won’t budge.
If traveling within the Schengen there are no controls whatsoever - that is the point of Schengen.
So my suggestion is if you want to be on a safe side - travel in Schengen
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