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Posted by: lysz 24.Jan.2018, 07:01 PM

Recent news is that the Scottish Government are entering talks with P&O and Norwegian investors regarding a UK Scandinavia ferry route. If any of you would find such a thing useful it may be worth visiting this link to show your support

Nobody knows as yet what a final route may look like but RHEG, who are running the petition, are also in touch with the Scottish MP who is spearheading the proposal. The petition figures will be entered into evidence, as it were, at some point.

Posted by: Savage 24.Jan.2018, 08:58 PM

Interesting, I am not sure if Norway is bound to EU rules in regards to other non EU members?

Previously EU rules made many cross water sailings, obsolete.
Due to emission and similar other rules imposed.

As the UK is planned to leave the EU in 2019+
It means they would not be bound to such restrictions.
Although I am not sure if Norway would.

Either way, it should rattle some cages.

Posted by: lysz 24.Jan.2018, 09:30 PM

Brittany ferries have just announced a new route from Ireland to Spain which is a pretty long journey. The UK to Spain routes aren't short either which makes me wonder if there has been some using EU legislation to justify cutting routes that weren't earning as much profit as they wanted. There was a lot of competition from budget airlines when the boat routes were cut. Many of those budget air routes have gone now so maybe it would be more profitable than it was. The Scots seem to be driving this initiative to help themselves stay connected with Europe after Brexit.

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