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I just got fired

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post 27.Jan.2018, 04:40 PM
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Hey guys!
Im in Sweden under a working holiday program.

I found a job in Kiruna, and I moved 14 hrs up north. Here ive been doing housekeeping job and waiter. It is a small place, and I have experience working in those areas so I thought everything was gonna be fine.

Today I was called to a meeting with the owner and he just fired me. He said I have been a bad worker and that my colleagues have been giving me chances but I haven't improved. He dropped one name and what that person said it was a completely lie. he refused to give me a chance, and I never got a warning about it. It will pay me the next 14 days and I can work if I want.

The thing is that the reasons he gave me to fire me were not proved. And during this time Ive had problems with housing. He put me in a motorhome that was not insulated so I froze myself, and now he doesn't have a place where to put me.
I have contract until 30/4.

Is there something I can do, or shouldn't I just leave and suck it up? I feel it is unfair he fires me without warning when he made me to move up here.

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