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Marriage contract popularity

statistical data and how acceptable it is for you

post 13.Nov.2015, 08:11 PM
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I was trying to find information in internet about this topic, but I couldnt, so I was hoping for some help out here. I'm not talking about regular marriage process, where contract is probably just smth you sign stating you want to marry. I mean how frequently do Swedes put a contract (stipulating for example conditions of divorce, division of property, etc)? Is it considered by majority as smth you do when you lack trust in your partner and are afraid he will take too much from your belongings? I understand when rich people do it to make sure some little girl won't marry them just for money, but what is statistics for making such contracts for an average Swede and what is the majority attitude to it? (Some "official" figures for statistical data are highly appreciated!)
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post 16.Nov.2015, 01:23 AM
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Statistics are useless with regards the ?ktenskapsf?rord because they can be created at anytime during the marriage, not just at the start. Once created you can create new versions, and you cannot cancel the agreement, you have to create a new one that describes the "norm" as though you haven't created an agreement in the first place biggrin.gif

They have little to do with regards trust and more to do with common sense, it is too easy to lose sight of reality in the dewy eyed moments of luuuurv... and marriage, believing that the relationship will last forever wink.gif

You can always ask Skatteverket how many are created, heck, you can even get copies of other peoples! Once submitted to Skatteverket they are public documents and anyone can get a copy.
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post 16.Nov.2015, 12:18 PM
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